State of the Art Presence, February 2016 – by Hannah West

Naked Art: No Mats ~ No Frames ~ Great Deals—Our Naked Art exhibit continues through February 28. This is a great opportunity to collect art from your favorite artists. Unmatted, unframed, and offered at a […]

Give the Gift of Art for Christmas – by Hannah West

State of the Art Presence – Dec 2015/Jan 2016

Small Treasures is back! Showcasing small works of fine art created by local talent and priced for gift-giving, this show is your opportunity to shop for one-of-a-kind […]

State of the Art Presence, November 2015 – by Hannah West

Finding Meaning in Life through Art—Have you ever wondered what the purpose of your life is? How to make sense of the seemingly random things that happen? Questions like these can keep us up late […]

State of the Art Presence, October 2015 – by Hannah West

The Power of Art: Recovering from Trauma—We think of art as a peaceful occupation, but its power to heal a traumatized mind is revealed in the wake of war. The U.N. estimates 95,000 children have […]

ART is Everywhere in Jacksonville! – by Hannah West

Have you noticed an uptick in our local art scene? From formal galleries to coffee shop displays and more, art is everywhere in Jacksonville.

CAMMY DAVIS—Artist and art advocate Cammy Davis, creator of the Jacksonville Review […]

State of the Art Presence, September 2015 – by Hannah West

Prints vs. Originals—The question of whether to buy original art work or giclées (prints made with inks that won’t fade for 100 years, usually on acid-free paper) for your home is one worth considering. The […]

State of the Art Presence, August 2015 – by Hannah West

Express Yourself!—Creative self-expression is a part of life most of us treasure, whether it’s drawing, cooking, or gardening, or attending dance classes, plays or concerts. Most people enjoy doing creative things because it provides opportunities […]

State of the Art Presence, July 2015 – by Hannah West

Art Helps Children Learn and Their Brains Develop–—Art has been associated with expanding the intellect since the time of Plato, but the benefits of art on the brain can now be measured scientifically. Recent studies […]

State of the Art Presence, June 2015 – by Hannah West

Art Brings Hope—Studies show art therapy helps give back to Alzheimer’s patients what the disease has taken away. Creating and appreciating art stimulates the senses, creates new pathways to “lost” memories, and encourages conversation. Alzheimer’s […]

State of the Art Presence, May 2015 – by Hannah West

Americans for the Arts ( Ten Reasons to Support the Arts Reason #1: “Arts promote true prosperity. The arts are fundamental to our humanity. They ennoble and inspire us—fostering creativity, goodness, and beauty. […]