Love Your Landscape – June 2015

DIY landscaping projects can be a great way to work outside, gain new skills and increase your home’s value. However, there may be some outdoor projects that are too overwhelming or challenging for the average homeowner.

When considering an extensive landscape project, budget is always a primary concern. The thought of hiring a design professional can weigh heavily when crunching the numbers. There are multiple considerations when hiring professional help, the most obvious is hiring someone who’s a pro with an expert skill level. Design specialists can evaluate every landscape scenario, and that may help you make better-informed decisions as you plan and proceed with your landscape project. Design specialists incorporate specific software tools that visually display the look you are attempting to achieve while providing a highly-functional landscape plan. On paper, a well thought-out landscape plan enables you to see each step in the process of your landscape dream becoming a reality. After this phase, you’ll move on to the planning and implementing of the plan, whether in phases or all at once. Utilizing a designer who understands building codes and the proper permit filing process may be reason enough to connect with the right professional.

A landscape design specialist will be well-versed in the multitude of flowering plants and bushes, annuals, perennials, shrubbery and trees that are appropriate for your yard, water usage, soil quality, lifestyle and aesthetic desires. If you want a drought-tolerant yard, a professional designer will formulate a landscape that meets that requirement. Intensive projects often include pavers, outdoor lighting, water features, raised beds, retaining walls, pergolas, hot tubs and more. Whether seeking advice on a small, but intricate project or a large-scale landscape project with numerous custom features, it is recommended that a landscape designer be the first step along the way to seeing your vision come to life.