Speaking of Antiquing – June 2015

I hate to tell you, but your ’80s clothes are now considered “vintage.”

I have not yet heard a word to describe the ’80s clothes as a genre. The ’70s boasted retro hippies left-over from the ’60s, stylish Hip-looking funky bellbottomed professionals letting their hair get longer; mom’s in station wagons wearing gauzy dresses with long hair piled on top their heads, kids with knee-high gym socks and short shorts. The ’60s brought hippies and surfers with it, greasers in denim and leather, and “soches” in slacks and Madras; girls in brightly-colored mini and maxi skirts. The ’50s had bobby-soxers, hoods, and every day people wearing slacks, pedal pushers, wingtips and penny loafers.

With the ’80s came the embellished jump suits, low waists, bold plaid, lots of denim, large bows, shoulder pads, and yes, even simple elegance. It included stylish men in denim, wide ties, 6 button-long waist suit coats, with ¾ length sleeves or rolled-up suit sleeves, polo shirts, abstract geometric shirts, faux leather jackets, brightly-colored pullover sweaters, baseball caps, and thin-laced oxfords, as well as the ever popular Converse tennis shoe. Who can forget the very puffy down vests and statement-making moonboots?

Some made it out of the ’80s and into the ’90s without too much drama. In the midst of all the polyester and rayon there was always beloved cotton, “the fabric of our lives.” The ’90s had its own faux pas, but for the most part it was “anything goes.”

While each decade dictated the length of our hems, the height of our waistline, the taper of our jeans, and the style of our hair, there was always one common factor: Denim. Denim pants, denim skirts, denim jackets, denim shorts, denim shirts. Pair denim with flannel and each decade would be tied together. Someone said to me this winter that flannel was back in style. Honestly, I was not aware that it was out of style. Here in Southern Oregon I don’t know anyone who does not wear flannel or denim, an Oregon fashion statement.

At Pickety Place we have a small Vintage Clothes section. Browse through it and you will find some leather and faux leather vests and jackets, sixties-era cotton and lace “hippie style” wedding dresses, Jessica McClintock Gunne Sax dresses, retro lace pant suits, wool jackets, quilted hostess skirts and dresses, velvet coats, beaded evening dresses, prom dresses, vintage Hawaiian dresses and shirts, fur capes and stoles, old denim jackets… just to name a few.

It is quite the rage these days to have era-themed parties and dances. At Pickety Place I am sure we can help you find something for a prom, wedding, or a backyard pool party.

We also have vintage accessories such as handbags, shoes, leather boots, hats, bow ties, gloves, long ties, belts, and many silk and poly scarves.

Dressing-up, or costuming, is not just for Halloween anymore.