Four years ago, Mary Kell started the GoodBean’s tradition of an Angel Art Show in December, using the walls of the coffee house to display uplifting art.

Mary says angels have always played an important role in her life and has her own angel stories to share. For example, some years ago, her guardian angel awoke her suddenly while in bed in the middle of the night. Through the solid bedroom wall, Mary then saw a tongue of flame shoot across a little window by the fireplace—the Kell house was actually on fire! You can imagine her husband Michael’s response when she woke him to tell him what she was seeing. Thanks to the angel’s intervention, the house didn’t burn completely and Mary’s family escaped unharmed.

To Mary, angels represent the tender love of a faithful God and come in many forms, always serving according to their mission. Gentle yet powerful, messengers, warriors, protectors, and servants, angels can appear during our most desperate hours of need to help navigate even the most brutal challenges of life. Whatever your understanding of such awesome and mysterious creatures may be, the Angels show evokes a deeper consideration of things we do not completely understand.

All are welcome to view the Angels show at the GoodBean, where Rogue Valley artists will display art representing what angels mean to them. Many works represent departures from the artist’s usual style and medium, created just for this show. We’re happy to provide a venue where they can share pieces outside their usual creative range. You are invited to an Angels reception after the Jacksonville Christmas Parade on Saturday, December 3, 2016 from noon to 4:00pm where you can meet the artists, see their angels, and share your own angel stories.

Featured image is “Angel Flight” by Hannah West.