Trail Talk, November 2014

The Forest Park continues to improve and expand under the guidance and work of the Forest Park Volunteers and the city Parks Department. The volunteers have identified several new trail locations needed in the Forest […]

Bob goes off the beaten path… on volunteering! – by Bob Budesa

Trail Talk – October 2014

I remember 45 years ago, sitting peacefully tying flies for an order Abercrombe & Fitch had put in, and my mother saying, “Mrs. Riley could sure use a hand today running […]

Running the Forest Park Trails – by Clayton Gillette with Bob Budesa

Trail Talk – September 2014

One thinks of recreation in Jacksonville with a strong bias toward wining, dining, shopping, and concert-going. Yet, for the outdoor enthusiast, there’s a wide choice of areas for hiking and running […]

Cool Hikes on a Hot Day

Trail Talk – August 2014

There are many great hiking trails to choose from in the Jacksonville area, but when the daytime temperatures are in the 90’s or higher, it becomes more of a challenge avoiding […]