Trail Talk

26th Hike-a-Thon to Feature New 5K Fun Run – by Bob Budesa

Trail Talk – April 2016

What in the world does THAT mean?

Well, let me explain. The Jacksonville Woodlands Hike-a-Thon is 26 years-old this year, and in an attempt to encourage a younger participation and hopefully new […]

SOHS Healthy History Hikes: The Gin Lin Trail

Jeff LaLande strips away the years to reveal Chinese gold fever in a three quarter mile hike along the Gin Lin Trail in the Applegate. LaLande discovered many of these sites in his years of […]

Safety First – by Omer Kem

Trail Talk – March 2016

The trails in the Jacksonville Woodlands and Forest Park are beautiful this time of year. “Misty,” “rainy,” “snowy,” “windy,” “muddy,” and “damp” are all great ways to describe them […]

Winter Hiking in the Forest Park – by Clayton Gillette

Trail Talk – February 2016

Winter finds Forest Park subdued and enticing. The crackling crunch of summer’s madrone leaves, followed by the deep rustle of ankle-deep big-leaf maple and oak leaves is a […]

Trail Heaven – by Omer Kem

Trail Talk – Dec 2015/Jan 2016

Let me start by introducing myself! My name is Omer Kem, husband/dad/business owner in that order. My wife, son and I recently moved back to Jacksonville after spending two years […]

Forest Park is an Off-Road Wonderland!

Trail Talk – November 2015

If you were thinking that winter would bring your cycling season to an end, you may want to reconsider! Jacksonville’s Forest Park offers miles of trails to be explored, and opportunities […]

New Directional Signage is Another Forest Park Improvement Project

Trail Talk – October 2015

The Forest Park is a big area, 1,100 acres to be exact. With many sloped hillsides, its actual size is even larger with twenty-four miles of […]

ATA Offers Day-Long Educational Event at Cantrall Buckley Park

Recognizing that there’s much to learn about this beautiful area we live in and that many people who live here have extensive knowledge about it, the Applegate Trails Association has organized an educational seminar—and a […]

Hikers Love Trail Loops

Trail Talk – September 2015

It’s often said that what trail hikers love the most is running streams and trail loops. Of course right now, in this super dry spell, running streams rarely exist, and won’t […]

Applegate Trails Association Takes You to the Middle Fork Trail

There’s no place like the Middle Fork National Recreation Trail on the Middle Fork of the Applegate River—a streamside trail that then turns and meanders uphill through big trees. An emerald swimming hole with big […]