Trail Talk

You’re Never Too Young to Hike – Local “Hike it Baby” Chapter Going Strong – by Kyleen Brodie

Water? Check. Hiking Shoes? Check. Diapers? Check. Baby? Hmm…

This is just the beginning of the checklist that runs through my mind every time I leave the house for a hike with my 12-month-old son, Miles. […]

Pull on Your Hiking Boots and Join the Applegate Trails Association on the Trails! – by Diana Coogle

It’s hiking season! Maybe the snow hasn’t quite melted in the higher altitudes, but it has turned mushy, and I’m about to retire my skis and pull out my hiking boots. The Jacksonville Woodlands are […]

SUTA’s Jack-Ash Trail Construction Climbing Across Anderson Butte – by Hope Robertson

The Siskiyou Upland Trails Association is excited to begin construction of the long-awaited Jack-Ash Trail. Last November, construction started for the first phase of the Jack-Ash Trail, thanks to help from the Medford BLM, local […]

Welcoming Our Well-Watered Woodlands – by Clayton Gillette

Trail Talk – April 2017

Spring is finally upon us, yet those friendly white flakes of so many recent winter days flutter past my window as I write this. We’ll venture […]

Join Jacksonville Woodlands Association for 24th Annual Hike-a-Thon

Celebrating the Rebirth of the Beekman Arboretum

With spring all around, come join us for the 24th Annual Jacksonville Woodlands Association Hike-a-Thon and annual meeting on Saturday, April 15, 2017. This year we will be highlighting […]

Southern Oregon Land Conservancy 2017 Community Hikes

Registration:  Spring is here and so too are outstanding opportunities to join SOLC for our Spring Hike series! Hikes are free but fill up quickly so reserve your spot early! To read more about each […]

East ART is a GO! – by Diana Coogle, Applegate Trails Association

Could there be any more exciting news to the Applegate Trails Association than the recent go-ahead from the BLM to start construction of the East ART? We are stoked!

The East ART is the first leg […]

The Rock Underfoot – by Clayton Gillette

Trail Talk – March 2017

Oh, but if we could hear what the stones have to tell us. So often we walk along the trails admiring the flora and fauna, ignoring the living […]

The Big Snow of ’17 – by Clayton Gillette

Trail Talk – February 2017

By the time folks read this, January’s snow in Jacksonville will be a memory. One could argue that Forest Park never looked better, especially after the gray days of late December. […]

Welcoming the Rain on Our Trails! – by Clayton Gillette

Trail Talk – December 2016/January 2017

A recent October day, rainy and blustery like so many other October days this year, found me traveling along Cook and Green Trail, a Forest Service Trail […]