Trail Talk

The Rock Underfoot – by Clayton Gillette

Trail Talk – March 2017

Oh, but if we could hear what the stones have to tell us. So often we walk along the trails admiring the flora and fauna, ignoring the living […]

The Big Snow of ’17 – by Clayton Gillette

Trail Talk – February 2017

By the time folks read this, January’s snow in Jacksonville will be a memory. One could argue that Forest Park never looked better, especially after the gray days of late December. […]

Welcoming the Rain on Our Trails! – by Clayton Gillette

Trail Talk – December 2016/January 2017

A recent October day, rainy and blustery like so many other October days this year, found me traveling along Cook and Green Trail, a Forest Service Trail […]

Time of Seasonal Change… Great Time to Hike – by Clayton Gillette

Trail Talk – November 2016

Aldo Leopold, in Sand County Almanac, tells of exploring once-developed areas that have been reclaimed by wilderness. And surprisingly, it’s not all that long after humans have left the area. Here, […]

Eagle Scouts Accomplishing Great Things in Forest Park – by Tony Hess

The Forest Park and the City of Jacksonville have been the beneficiaries of two Eagle Scout projects this year. An Eagle Scout project is one of many requirements a scout must complete to achieve this […]

Enjoying Forest Park in Fall – by Clayton Gillette

Trail Talk – October 2016

A recent fast-pack adventure through the Strawberry Mt. Wilderness made me appreciate the well-maintained trail system of Jacksonville’s parks all the more. Steeple-chasing through downed timber on overgrown trails that disappear […]

2016 National Public Lands Day Event at Sterling Mine Ditch Trail

BLM is hosting a National Public Lands Day event on the Sterling Mine Ditch Trail—with help from SUTA on Saturday, September 24, 2016, from 8:30am-1:00pm.

Volunteers will help re-route a steep section of trail that currently […]

Forest Park Guided Hikes Going Great! – by Kandee McClain

The first three Forest Park Guided Hikes have been well-attended, and it has been fun to meet new trail enthusiasts as well as to see some favorite trails through eyes that are seeing them for […]

Time for a Walk in the Woods – by Clayton Gillette

Trail Talk – August 2016

It’s summer…a great time to sneak out in the coolness of dawn and dusk for a walk in the woods. Be assured that you’ll find many other forest critters doing the […]

Guided Forest Park Hike is July 18, 2016

If you want to start-off the third week of July with a friendly group of people, outstanding scenery and some exercise, join us for another guided hike in the Forest Park! The hike is set […]