Trail Talk

November Rains – by Clayton Gillette

Trail Talk – November 2017

The rains return to wash the smoky air. A sweet fragrance rises from the heavy layer of summer’s discarded madrone leaves and bark. Dogwoods become crimson, big-leafed maples brilliant yellow. Fall’s […]

Jacksonville Woodlands Association Membership

Over the past 25-years, the Jacksonville Woodlands Association (JWA) has enjoyed strong community identity in its role to advocate and support the Jacksonville Woodlands. At present, the JWA is focused on development and maintenance of […]

We Trail Folks… – by Clayton Gillette

Trail Talk – October 2017

Our friends, the trails. We can see them romantically—fantastically leading us away on adventures. Or consider them purely utilitarian—a way to get from point A to point B. Sometimes, we find […]

Making Tracks – by Clayton Gillette

Trail Talk – September 2017

As the heat of another record-hot summer begins to abate in this season of the equinox, our feet yearn to revisit our trails within this forested landscape we call home. From […]

Snow in August – by Clayton Gillette

Trail Talk – August 2017

Another 100 degree day in the Bear Creek Valley, another early morning trail run kept short by daunting afternoon temperatures, and my mind’s fantasy went to snowy trails in August. Who […]

An Eye to Crater Lake – by Kate Williams

Are you thinking of taking a trip up to Crater Lake National Park this summer? Are you wanting to escape the heat of the Rogue Valley to bask in some cool mountain air? As you […]

Cool Summer Forest Park Trails – by Clayton Gillette

Trail Talk – July 2017

In a recent article, the Mail Tribune referred to the Pacific Crest Trail as a “well-kept secret.” A surprising phrase, because for 40 years Oregon’s official highway map has delineated this […]

Trails Abound in our Valley – by Clayton Gillette

Trail Talk – June 2017

It’s time to reflect on our local trails as we head into our summer months. As residents of the Rogue Valley, we can pretty much head any direction, and in less […]

Siskiyou Trail Now Open – by Clayton Gillette

Trail Talk – May 2017

As our hit-and-miss spring heads into an uncertain summer, more folks find themselves on our forest trails. An unusually-wet winter gives way to drier days when intrepid hikers take to the […]

Hike Our Heritage at the Table Rocks

Every weekend this spring, The Nature Conservancy and Medford District Bureau of Land Management are offering free, guided educational hikes at the Table Rocks. Hikes are led by specialists from around the region who will […]