Love Your Landscape – April 2017

The use of technology in everyday life has sky rocketed. We have our “smart” house, “smart” phone, so how about our “smart” landscape? Even though technology impacts us all differently, we probably all agree that the use of technology to help make our life simpler and save us time is a good idea. Just like new “smart” homes are being revolutionized by technology, there are new ways to implement tech into your new or existing landscape. Doing so can save you time and help you enjoy the simplicity and beauty of your outdoor landscape.

Here are a few ideas…

Outdoor living spaces with automated features and phone app availability including:

  • Heating options with automated features
  • Natural gas fire pit/ fireplace with automatic wireless igniter
  • Water features with ultra-violet light cleaning systems and phone app access
  • Water features with automatic water quality monitoring systems
  • Weatherproof outdoor televisions and wireless weatherproof speakers
  • Poolside control system lighting, enabling you to make a call or change your music list using waterproof controls

For Your Irrigation System:

  • Main controller with Wi-Fi access and phone app connection—this is the first step toward animating your irrigation system
  • Rain sensor—a must in any “smart” landscape
  • Water-use monitor with ability to monitor water use in your landscape
  • Track current weather conditions that help adjust and control your system
  • Water-wise sprinkler and drip irrigation components—there are a wide availability of products to maximize water use

For Your Outdoor Lighting System:

  • LED transformer with Wi-Fi access and phone app connection
  • Individual light control
  • Scene selection for themed lighting situations
  • GPS-enabled for seasonal on/off adjustment considerations
  • Minimal power use for incredible outdoor LED lighting coverage

Hopefully these outdoor tech ideas spark your interest and imagination. Remember, “smart” living is also for the outdoors and creating outdoor spaces with more enjoyment and less maintenance has never been easier. So consider making a few changes to your existing landscape or if you’re creating a new landscape, consider implementing some of these ideas into your new plans. Either way, they’ll bring added simplicity and greater convenience, giving you more peace-of-mind and maximizing the enjoyment of your outdoor living.