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Random Musings – by Mayor Paul Becker

It seems appropriate to lead off this month’s column by mentioning the successful conclusion to the MRA land swap...

  • Mayor Paul Becker and Mrs Becker

What a Picnic! – by Mayor Paul Becker

That was quite a picnic on July Fourth! Five hundred hot dogs purchased, five hundred hot dogs served...

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Election Time! By Mayor Becker

I will seek to form something new… a Mayor’s Advisory Committee

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Local Mayors “Unite” Against Hunger

You are invited to join our own Mayor Becker in Jacksonville on Sept. 22...

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MY THOUGHTS – By Mayor Paul Becker

I believe the first duty of a Mayor is to meet the needs of the citizens...


Politics, trust, respect, duty...and Will Mayor Becker run again for Mayor?

Independence Day – by Mayor Paul Becker

The Declaration of Independence: What a document!

  • Picnic

Let’s Have a July 4th Picnic! By Mayor Paul Becker

Plan to share in a fun, new Jacksonville community event...

On Horse Racing – by Mayor Paul Becker

I recall hearing a phrase that “Life is like a horse race."

  • This movie inspired Mayor Becker's April column

Jacksonville is Full of Unsung Heroes and Volunteers – by Mayor Paul Becker

The quiet efforts of volunteers make Jacksonville the town we all want to live in.

  • County Commissioner Don Skundrick

City Snapshot – February 2012

County Commissioner Don Skundrick attends City Council Meeting to announce Jacksonville Town Hall on May 10