John Cornilsen with Mustard Seed Cafe manager Pattie Bakke and her daughter Gracie Vinyard-Bakke.

Be sure and check-out the cool, new coin-covered floor just installed at Mustard Seed Cafe! While doing other interior upgrades, owner Jeannie Inman liked the idea of covering the entire seating area floor with pennies! John Cornilsen handled the project, laying the floor penny by penny—120,000 pennies in all. The coins were gathered from local banks, friends, relatives and customers. Pattie Bakke, café manager, noted that several customers brought in bags of stored-up pennies and donated them as did several local kids who broke-open their piggy banks to make it all happen. For those still doing the math, 120,000 pennies equals $1200. (Pictured here are John Cornilsen with cafe manager Pattie Bakke and her daughter Gracie Vinyard-Bakke.)

Posted February 26, 2014