causes_of_foundation_stress_repairs_dallasJoyfull Living, February 2014 – by Louise Lavergne of JoyFull Yoga

If you are already off track with your New Year intentions, your foundation may need some work. Our bodies are exquisitely designed with a map of energy centers, referred to as Chakras, that can help us be aware of what needs our attention. If we pay attention we can make adjustments to improve our physical and emotional well-being. JoyFull Yoga is designed to help you balance and strengthen all the energy centers starting with the First, referred to metaphysically as the Root Chakra.

This is where we experience our Physical Power, our Survival instincts and our sense of Security. It regulates the lower back, feet, hips, spine and legs, as well as the large intestine, rectum, prostate, and pretty much everything that is located at the root of our bodies. It is also connected to our sense of smell. Just like the foundation of a house, when we are strong and balanced, we have the courage and strength to weather the storms of life and stay committed to follow through with our New Year intentions.

We learn in childhood how to relate to the world. Through our experiences we acquire emotions that shape our belief systems that become the pillars of our foundation. Many of us received fear-based conditioning and learned to be afraid of life very early on. Often, well-meaning parents use fear as a way of keeping children safe or to project their own fears onto their children. In our adulthood, well-meaning friends often reinforce fears by responding with words like, “this is terrible!” instead of reminding us that we are supported, strong and safe. Regardless of our upbringing, we all experience a level of fear at some point in our life. How we choose to engage and respond to it has a tremendous impact on our well-being and our foundation.

The emotional gift of the Root Chakra when it is well-balanced is the ability to feel present in the here and now. There is harmony with the physical body and life in general. You feel grounded, stable, secure and able to accept what is showing up in life. You can trust yourself, others and the Universe.

If the Root Chakra is under-active or blocked, you tend to be fearful or nervous, feeling like you don’t belong. This is where the seed of low self-worth resides. When we don’t feel safe, it causes our adrenals and kidneys to be strained; it can sometimes create leg or foot problems or manifest in back issues.

If this part of your body is over-active, it can accentuate the tendency to be rigid, materialistic and greedy. When something goes wrong you tend to jump to the horror of the situation seeing the glass as half empty. You tend to be worried about having enough, and obsessed with being secure and resist change. This is where resentment lies. The emotional key to healing and balancing the root Chakra is to practice Acceptance and let go of resentments, grudges and judgments. Using affirmations can help us let go of subconscious fears that can sabotage our best intentions. Here are a few for you to try. You can use them on their own or with the exercise below.

I accept and love my body. All is well. I am supported and safe.

I am deeply rooted and supported by Mother Earth.

I accept all that I am, as I am, in perfect harmony with what is, as I align my intentions now with the Higher Good of All.

Balancing the root chakra physically can help us feel stronger and more grounded. Here is a simple exercise to balance and strengthen the root Chakra and the pelvic floor which can also help us feel and look better, improve posture, relieve back pain, tone your belly, reduce and improve incontinence:

  1. If you can, go outside and stand on the grass or earth or stand by a window.
  2. Feel your feet into the ground by pushing into your toes and heels.
  3. Close your eyes and imagine roots beneath you connecting you to the center of the earth. Feel the breath coming all the way into the pelvic area.
  4. As you exhale, bend your knees slightly, pull in the belly, doing a “root lock,” by contracting the pubococcygeus muscles- pulling in the rectum, sex organ and navel tight- (similar to a Kegel) hold that contraction for 3 to 5 seconds after the exhale.
  5. Relax, inhale as you straighten your legs and imagine a beam of sunlight coming in from the sky to fill your entire body.
  6. Releasing back into the earth for each exhale as in #3. Repeat at least 3 times—try to practice this for 1 to 3 minutes a day.
Louise Lavergne

Louise Lavergne of JoyFull Living Wellness Center

To learn more ways to strengthen all your energy centers, try a JoyFull Yoga class. Also, I will be starting another 8 week group coaching session online soon, “Healing your spiritual Nature and self-worth through the chakras” that you can do from the comfort of your home. Call or email for more info on this and other classes to support you on your journey.

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Louise is an international inspirational speaker, author, creator of JoyFull Yoga and JoyFull living coaching. She owns JoyFull Yoga LLC in Jacksonville where she offers private sessions and group classes. Email us your questions at 541-899-0707.

Posted January 31, 2014

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Click for JoyFull Yoga website!