Art Helps Children Learn and Their Brains Develop–—Art has been associated with expanding the intellect since the time of Plato, but the benefits of art on the brain can now be measured scientifically. Recent studies show that practicing executive function activities like drawing significantly improves core skills like reasoning and teamwork in children ages 3–5. Another showed significant increases in motivation and attention span in children ages 4–6 after just 30 minutes of art activities a day for five days! Studies of 1500 graduate students show that integrating visual and imagined imagery into learning tasks increases creativity in discussions, acquiring new skills and cognitive assessment. Scans of artists’ brains reveal greater development in the structures coordinating fine motor performance and procedural memory, and more grey and white matter in the cerebellum and regions associated with creativity in both sides of the brain. Students with four years of high school arts classes achieve SAT scores averaging 100 points higher than those with only one semester.

These study results prove that art in the classroom helps children maximize comprehension of core subjects and prepares them for higher education. This should motivate us to value, support and defend the arts in our schools.

Authors Return!—Our Celebrate! exhibit continues through the end of July, featuring light-hearted artists’ interpretations of…fun! Come to the reception on July 11 from Noon-3:00pm and enjoy a return to author readings. Art Presence represents 15 local authors who’ve written everything from cookbooks to novels—something for everyone to read! Patrick Leahy reads from his novel “The Old Night of Your Name” at 1:00pm, Phyllis Sanderson reads from her novel “Remembered My Way, Act I” at 2:00pm, and at 3:00pm Bill Miller reads from his book “Silent City on the Hill.”

Don’t miss additional exhibits of original art by Art Presence members:

Tom Glassman exhibits colorful minimalist photography at Pioneer Village from July-October. Join us for the opening reception July 9, 4:00-6:00pm.

Catie Faryl’s exhibit at the Medford Library, The Bridge to 2020, is extended through July.

Walt Wirfs’ exhibit of oil paintings in the Jacksonville Library’s Naversen Room continues through July.

Reminder to Artists–Entry Deadline Approaching!—Create Halloween-inspired or autumn artwork of any size, in any 2D or 3D medium, with an unconventional twist and incorporating a moon for Moon Lunacy, our third-annual October Creative Challenge. Entry deadline: Monday, June 29. Downloadable application at

What’s Upstairs?—Practice drawing figures in life drawing sessions with professional models in our classroom 1:00-3:00pm every Monday for just $10/session. Instruction upon request. Just arrive with pencil and paper, ready to draw!

Reserve our upstairs room for your class, workshop or meeting! Contact Anne Brooke at 541-941-7057 to schedule a date.