State of the Art Presence, June 2017 – by Hannah West

Summer, At Last!-—This winter has seemed especially long with all the rain that’s come down. Now that we’re all getting outside again, why not come to Art Presence Art Center’s gallery to view and consider […]

State of the Art Presence, May 2017 – by Hannah West

ART’clectic “Garden Party” Group Exhibition—ART’clectic takes over the gallery at Art Presence with a “Garden Party” show for May! The group offers original pieces created by sixteen of the group’s artist and artisan members, an […]

State of the Art Presence, April 2017 – by Hannah West

“The most precious factor in the creative life of an artist in any medium is freedom. Totalitarian, political and national leaders who seek to control or deprive the artist can strangle their work and cripple […]

State of the Art Presence, March 2017 – by Hannah West

“What I dream of is an art of balance, of purity and serenity devoid of troubling or depressing subject-matter, an art which might be for every mentality, every worker, be he business man or writer, […]

State of the Art Presence, February 2017 – by Hannah West

Happy New Year!

Well, last month’s record-breaking winter storm Helena sure did put a stick in the spokes of our January reception! We hope you and everyone you love made it through the storm safely, and […]

State of the Art Presence, December 2016/January 2017 – by Hannah West

Small Treasures-—Small Treasures continues through December 24. Give fine art for the holidays! As with previous Small Treasures shows, you can take your purchases with you to wrap and give. Artists continue restocking their offerings […]

State of the Art Presence, November 2016 – by Hannah West

Small Treasures—As each year begins to draw to a close, Art Presence Art Center asks our members to bring their small works to the gallery for our two-month holiday gift-giving show, Small Treasures. These works […]

State of the Art Presence, October 2016 – by Hannah West

Gallerie Carnevale: A Halloween Show of Spellbinding Art—Art Presence opens the gallery to all Rogue Valley artists once again, with a fantastic exhibition of art submitted in response to our fourth-annual “October Creative Challenge.” This […]

State of the Art Presence, September 2016 – Hannah West

Out of the Mouths of Babes—“Okay, let me get this straight. The arts are part of the humanities which encourage us to develop our potential as humans throughout a variety of disciplines designed (among other […]

State of the Art Presence, August 2016 – by Hannah West

As school year draws near, we turn our attention to the benefits of art in education. A fresh search immediately brought a New York Times article, prepared by Park West Gallery, before us. Here are […]