A Short History of Fiestaware – by Pat Montellano

Merchandisers began promoting color as the Depression came to an end. Americans were more than ready to trade in their dark-colored vehicles, clothing and kitchenware and everything took on vivid hues.

The Fine Art of “Art” – by Joelle Graves

When we watch Antiques Roadshow, we all hope that the painting we have in our own garage is the “big” one. Although it could be, 9 times out of 10, it’s not.

Pressed Glass or Cut Glass – by Margaret Barnes

In the early 1900’s you could scarcely open a newspaper or magazine without seeing an advertisement for Brilliant Cut Glass. In the form of a vase, ice cream dish, a goblet, or fruit bowl, several glass companies wanted the consumer to buy their beautiful cut glass items for the bride or for Christmas gifts.

Pretty in Pink – by Joelle Graves

Pink Depression glass; pink custard glass; pink dishes; pink linens—anything pink! Pink is a beautiful color to decorate with when combined with other vibrant colors of the season. February, of course, lends itself to decorating with pink...

Modern Uses for “Primitives” – by Margaret Barnes

The topic of Primitives is vastly overwhelming. I have seen fantastic primitives that date back to Colonial days. The early American settlers and pioneers set the standard that so many try to emulate today...

Speaking of Antiquing – by Margaret Barnes

How many times have you come across a fabulous item in a museum or a shop and wondered to yourself, “If this item could talk, I wonder what stories would it tell?”

Preserving History: Antiques Tell a Story – by Tracy Baird

At Sterling Creek Antiques in downtown Jacksonville, we encounter stories every day.

Speaking of Antiquing – by Margaret Barnes

When it comes to heirlooms, items of value passed from one generation to the next, most people would not expect...

A Very Personal Story – by Joelle Graves

It was one of those quiet days here in the shop when I wasn’t really sure whether I would have any business or not...