The Iridescent World of Carnival Glass – by Margaret Barnes

Speaking of Antiquing – April 2015

In 1907, the Fenton Glass Company in West Virginia produced a style of glass referred to as “iridescent ware.” Fenton called it Iridill and labeled it “Venetian Art.” The idea […]

What’s Trending – by Joelle Graves

Speaking of Antiquing – March 2015

My friend Charlotte, in New York keeps me abreast of the latest decorating news. We are both lovers of mixing old and new. A new dress with a vintage pin—a […]

In Love with Salt Cellars – by Margaret Barnes

Speaking of Antiquing – February 2015

One thing I’ve been collecting lately is tiny, multi- functional, elegant, practical, universal, and easy to afford—my growing collection of Salt Cellars, also known as salts, […]

The Power of the Internet – by Joelle Graves

Speaking of Antiquing – December 2014/January 2015

Every day, someone comes into Sterling Creek Antiques and shows me a picture or describes an item they hope I will appraise at a high […]

Loving Linen and Lace – by Margaret Barnes

Speaking of Antiquing – November 2014

Traditional Holiday Dinners evoke many emotions because of the traditions we try to keep, the family members we celebrate with, the family members who are missed or missing, the friends […]

Estate Planning and Antiques: Do They Go Together? – by Joelle Graves

Speaking of Antiquing – October 2014

Having had a background in Fundraising and Major Gifts, I quickly became acquainted with the process of Estate Planning. When meeting with donors, I’d inevitably discover a household full of […]

Discovering Graniteware – by Margaret Barnes

Speaking of Antiquing – September 2014

I’ll bet most of you reading this article will have at least one piece of graniteware in your possession. You may have a white dinner plate with red trim under […]

On the Importance of Timing and Experts – by Whitman Parker with Joelle Graves

Speaking of Antiquing – August 2014

On a bright Friday morning in early May, I was standing in-line alongside Joelle Graves surrounded by others waiting to get inside a local estate sale. This time, it was […]

Hooked Rugs, an American Tradition – by Margaret Barnes

Speaking of Antiquing – July 2014

Rug Hooking began in America in the New England states as a craft of poverty, a “country craft,” done out of sheer necessity and done in isolation. While wealthy homes […]

Collecting “Britt” – by Joelle Graves

I bet you have something “Britt” in your house, like a poster. Britt posters adorn the walls of the Bella Union going back to the 1960’s. The Jacksonville Inn has collected autographed posters from the days of the Festivals within a Festival—Jazz Festival; Dance Festival and more. Jacksonville Elementary School has several framed posters adorning their...