Yes, we can solve the global warming crisis! This is the message of Paul Hawken’s Drawdown Project ( What’s more, the solutions involve win-win programs that reduce climate pollution while providing other benefits.

“Paul Hawken’s Drawdown: A springboard for individual and collective action” is the title of The Southern Oregon Climate Action Now January monthly meeting to be held on January 30th from 6:00 – 7:30 pm at the Medford Public Library.

Hawken assembled a team of experts who apply the best available science and technology to developing an array of strategies that can reduce greenhouse gas emissions. Appearing in a book by the same name, Hawken has arranged these strategies into a series of seven areas, the majority of which lead to cost savings and emissions reductions.

We will demonstrate how all of us can use Drawdown as a guide to individual action, how footprint calculators can help, and how the project relates to the SOCAN Master Climate Protector program starting in February. We will also discuss the status of Oregon’s Clean Energy Jobs Bill scheduled to be introduced in the 2018 Legislative Session and how that bill relates to the Drawdown strategies.

SOCAN meetings are always free and open to the public,