My View – November 2017

On a recent car ride home from the coast, my wife, Jo and I passed much of the time talking about how grateful we are to live in Jacksonville and how fortunate we are to be surrounded by a caring community. As you know, we own and operate several businesses that keep us unusually connected and tuned into what’s happening in our small town and the surrounding Rogue Valley. And although we’ve noticed a few changes (some positive, some not) happening over the past year, we have little to complain about and much to be grateful for.

As I’ve said a zillion times, it’s the volunteers that make Jacksonville tick. Local non-profit groups such as the Community Center, Garden Club, Forest Park and Woodlands Association, Lions Club, Boosters Club, Historic Jacksonville Inc., Friends of the Cemetery, Food & Friends, Chamber of Commerce, Parent Teacher Organizations, Rotary clubs (I could go on and on here) represent the human element that gets things done around town, resulting in a nicer, more interesting place to live and work. Over the years, I’m proud that the Review has dedicated a large percentage of ink to covering their important work and look forward to doing so in the future!

Another group of volunteers for whom I’m most grateful is our contributing writers, who fill these pages with rich content! Hardly a day passes when a local or visitor doesn’t compliment me on this publication, often saying things like, “The Review is a great mirror of what life is like in Jacksonville…We ended up moving here after reading about town in the Review…I enjoy living in a place where individuals can make a difference…

Indeed, my primary goal is for these pages to reflect our quality of life and the work our volunteers do to make it all possible. Although my name is on the masthead, none of this would be possible without others willing to share their passion.

During this holiday season, please join me is sharing an attitude of gratitude for the volunteers in Our Small Town with Big Atmosphere!