Sensational Seniors

Carl Nelson’s Signature on the Moon Helps Define Him! – by Mike McClain

Sensational Seniors – December 2017/January 2018

This December “Sensational Seniors” article features well-known and involved former Jacksonville citizen, Carl Nelson, whose 36-year career with Hughes Aircraft is a story in of itself. First, however, it is […]

Joan Long’s Lifetime Goal: Make a Difference – by Mike McClain

Sensational Seniors – November 2017

One of the first things Joan Long showed me in her Pioneer Village living room was a small book by Deidra Riggs, Every Little Thing. Joan said the book’s theme, that […]

Turning the Tables on the Teacher: Mike McClain – by Mira Wingfield

Sensational Seniors – October 2017

Editor’s note: Since starting this column, “Sensational Seniors” back in 2016, Mike McClain has featured many of Jacksonville’s most respected and […]

A Strong Faith Keeps Mac and Peggy Peffley Grounded – by Mike McClain

Sensational Seniors – September 2017

The first 30 minutes of my interview with Mac and Peggy Peffley was spent touring their expansive Singler Lane home to see their extensive eclectic art and southwestern pottery collection, which […]

Bo Atkinson Remains a Classic Warrior – by Mike McClain

Sensational Seniors – August 2017

Robert Atkinson, known in Jacksonville as “Bo,” first moved here in 2000 with his effervescent wife, Iris, and the two immediately became a popular and well-known couple around town. Bo’s quiet […]

Mary Ann Byrne: World Traveler, Book Lover and Conversationalist – by Mike McClain

Sensational Seniors – July 2017

When I entered Mary Ann Byrne’s stately historic Jacksonville home on California Street to begin my “Sensational Seniors” interview, I was greeted with, “I have always lived in and loved older […]

Lou Mayersky: The View from the Top is Stunning – by Mike McClain

Sensational Seniors – June 2017

I had just started my interview with Lou Mayersky, my June “Sensational Seniors” candidate, when he had me look at several tall fir trees outside his dining room. “You know,” started, […]

Iris and Shirley Demonstrate How Friendship Endures – by Mike McClain

Sensational Seniors – May 2017

In 2012, a college friend of mine from over 50 years ago co-authored a book on how men can achieve true friendship and set the tone in the introduction by penning, […]

Mayor Becker’s Community Spirit Is Infectious – by Mike McClain

Sensational Seniors – April 2017

Jacksonville Mayor Paul Becker’s transition from New York City to our small village is a story of finding one’s place in the world and is replete with the usual ups and […]

Marge Wall: Jacksonville Quilt Lady, Still Sewing Strong – by Mike McClain

Sensational Seniors – March 2017

Marge Wall, the owner of Country Quilts here in Jacksonville, decided to take it a little easier this January and close on Sundays. So now, instead of operating her quilt store […]