Sensational Seniors

Mary Ann Byrne: World Traveler, Book Lover and Conversationalist – by Mike McClain

Sensational Seniors – July 2017

When I entered Mary Ann Byrne’s stately historic Jacksonville home on California Street to begin my “Sensational Seniors” interview, I was greeted with, “I have always lived in and loved older […]

Lou Mayersky: The View from the Top is Stunning – by Mike McClain

Sensational Seniors – June 2017

I had just started my interview with Lou Mayersky, my June “Sensational Seniors” candidate, when he had me look at several tall fir trees outside his dining room. “You know,” started, […]

Iris and Shirley Demonstrate How Friendship Endures – by Mike McClain

Sensational Seniors – May 2017

In 2012, a college friend of mine from over 50 years ago co-authored a book on how men can achieve true friendship and set the tone in the introduction by penning, […]

Mayor Becker’s Community Spirit Is Infectious – by Mike McClain

Sensational Seniors – April 2017

Jacksonville Mayor Paul Becker’s transition from New York City to our small village is a story of finding one’s place in the world and is replete with the usual ups and […]

Marge Wall: Jacksonville Quilt Lady, Still Sewing Strong – by Mike McClain

Sensational Seniors – March 2017

Marge Wall, the owner of Country Quilts here in Jacksonville, decided to take it a little easier this January and close on Sundays. So now, instead of operating her quilt store […]

Jacksonville’s Tony Hess Gets Things Done – by Mike McClain

Sensational Seniors – February 2017

I knew when I scheduled my “Sensational Seniors” interview with Tony Hess that I should allow ample time for it…I wasn’t disappointed! And while I thought I already knew quite a […]

Jim and Georgene Van Orsow: Setting the Bar for Living a Full Life – by Mike McClain

Sensational Seniors – December 2016/January 2017

For this month’s column, I only needed to cross the street to interview our close neighbors and friends, Jim and Georgene Van Orsow, another senior couple living a rich and […]

Jerry Evans: Iconic Jacksonville Businessman Does Not Quit – by Mike McClain

Sensational Seniors – November 2016

Jerry Evans and his wife, Linda, have owned the Jacksonville Inn for over 40 years. In that time, Jerry has stayed home a total of 173 days or, to put it […]

Russ and Margaret Lyon: Enjoying a Third Career and Aging Well – by Mike McClain

Sensational Seniors – October 2016

Because Jacksonville is replete with “Sensational Seniors,” I only needed to walk to the end of Shafer Lane to interview my good friends and neighbors, Russ and Margaret Lyon, of the […]

Mira Wingfield: From Bucharest to Jacksonville – by Mike McClain

Sensational Seniors – September 2016

There have been many positive aspects of our move to Jacksonville some four years ago. For a village of 2,800 people, it offers a host of outstanding restaurants and watering holes, […]