The popular touring documentary concert Romancing the West returns to the City that inspired it for a special dinner show at Jacksonville Inn on Sunday, April 2nd, 2017 at 5:30 pm. Romancing the West Legacy Tour launched in 2013 has toured ever since, from the West Coast to Midwest shows this past September and this is the first of only two shows in Southern Oregon this year.

The critically acclaimed time-traveling documentary concert takes audiences through 240 years of the American West, telling the epic story with rare historic imagery and original music. It spans decades, from the Native tribes and the free trappers to the Spanish Missions and Gold Rush, the Indians Wars, industrial revolution through the Great Depression and The Sixties to the present day.

Writer/Composer/Producer Christina Lynn Martin and co-producer cowboy poet and balladeer GarnetButch” Martin share the stage with classical/rock legend Martin Gerschwitz (Iron Butterfly and The Animals) and perform the shows original music and signature songs of the eras.

This multimedia presentation captures the significant times over the last two centuries, from the beauty of the Native people’s culture when the West lay untouched by time, to exploring the Oregon Trail, the building the railroads, through World Wars, the prosperous post war era and consumerism which ushered in the cultural revolution of the 1960’s to the present day. The two hour show covers themes across the decades in a way that is entertaining and educational for all-ages and boldly remembers the tragic while celebrating the triumphant episodes in Western History with a focus on civil rights, cultural respect and conservation.

Romancing the West delivers an epic journey through decades of social and political change to celebrate the pioneering human spirit and diverse legacy of the American West.

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