Community Center Communiqué – March 2017

We thought that the Jacksonville Community Center (JCC)—having raised nearly 95% of its $558,000 budget—would be able to announce an actual ground-breaking date, but it turns out that performing our due diligence will take several weeks longer. Building permits are being reviewed by the City as subcontractors are submitting bids and being reviewed by the Ausland Group, the general contractor retained by JCC. While this important but meticulous work is being done, we’d like to introduce you to the person that the Jacksonville Community Center Board has selected to lead us through the important construction phase of this project.

In late 2015, Rick Patsche was elected to be the President of JCC. Although Rick was elected to the Board earlier in 2015, he was no stranger to the City and residents of Jacksonville. For three years, Rick served as the Co-Building Manager for the City of Jacksonville. Before coming to Jacksonville, Rick’s entire career was spent in construction working for many years as a contractor building McDonald’s restaurants throughout the country. Rick also spent many years as a general contractor, building houses and small commercial developments. It would be putting it mildly to say that Rick knows construction.

In addition to his business ventures, Rick was one of the key volunteers that spearheaded the construction of Camp Ronald McDonald at Eagle Lake. Every year the camp, near Susanville in northern California, serves hundreds of special-needs children. Rick wanted to give back to the community and help children in northern California and now he has chosen to volunteer his time as the assistant project manager working closely with the Ausland Group on the construction of the Jacksonville community center. When foundations were conducting site visits over the past many months, they were, without exception, gratified and reassured to know that someone with his skill was leading the project.

Knowing his commitment and expertise, the JCC Board looked to Rick to lead them during this critical pre-construction and construction stage of the community center. He has directed the important permitting process with the City, overseen the raising of more than $500,000 to build, equip and furnish the center, and in a few weeks will be on-site to make certain that the community center is built according to specs and within budget. In addition, Rick will meet with every selected subcontractor to ask each one how they might help or donate to this important community project.

Rick, however, is the first to admit that his greatest skill is trying to surround himself with essential and skilled people. He points to the retaining of the Ausland Group as an important first step. He says, “I really haven’t raised a nickel. I sign the grant proposals but the important fundraising has been done by the Funding Committee.” According to Rick, it was long-time Board Members who negotiated the 50-year lease with the City at $1.00 per year that made all of this possible. A lifelong athlete and now an avid fly fisherman and so-so golfer, Rick says “I’m neither the Tom Brady nor the Bill Belichick of JCC. At most, I’m the no-name center that hikes the ball to Brady.”

Correction: Last month we mistakenly identified the West Family Foundation as having given a grant to the Jacksonville Community Center. The attribution should have gone to the Robert & Frances Chaney Family Foundation. We apologize to both foundations for our error.

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