Take a Hike… – by Whitman Parker

My View – April 2016

This month, our pages are overflowing with “what-to-do” hiking articles that will guide you to the best trail systems in Southern Oregon. Located in our own backyard and within minutes of […]

Sounding the Alarm – Town Hall Scheduled – by Whitman Parker

My View – March 2016

At its first meeting this year, the Jacksonville Budget Committee sounded the alarm about financial stress our public safety program faces in future budget years. For now, town finances are fine, […]

Jacksonville Going to Pot… I Hope Not! – by Whitman Parker

My View – February 2016

When expressing My View, it’s always penned with a deliberate “end in-mind,” intent that what’s expressed will make a difference and possibly shape public policy. On that note, I’d like to […]

What a Year! – by Whitman Parker

My View – December 2015/January 2016

As the year comes to a close, I’d like to wish everyone Happy Holidays and a Happy New Year. Looking back on 2015, I must admit it’s been a very […]

With Gratitude – by Whitman Parker

My View – November 2015

As fall colors abound, much of our attention now turns toward celebrating the holidays, making this a good time to express my gratitude for those who make the Jacksonville Review possible. […]

Chilean Thoughts on a Chilly Fall Morning – by Whitman Parker

My View – October 2015

Up until a few minutes ago, as I was channel-surfing to find the Oregon Ducks game on television, I thought this column was in the can. Not so fast, I said […]

On Vision, Action and Collaboration – by Whitman Parker

My View – September 2015

At times, living and working in a small town brings unusual challenges that end-up producing extraordinary and unexpected results.

Reflecting back to early 2008, Jacksonville was stuck in the grips of a […]

Let’s Live Here! – by Whitman Parker

My View – August 2015

As a publisher, I spend a fair amount of my time out and about walking and talking with locals and visitors – getting a feel for things on the ground is […]

My View, July 2015 – by Whitman Parker

I just sat down to pen this column on a sunny Saturday morning, one day before the Summer Solstice. The weather is perfect so the office door is wide open, allowing the sights and sounds […]

Jacksonville, a Bargain at $1.84 – by Whitman Parker

My View – June 2015

After sitting through the first meeting of “budget season,” it occurred to me that living in Jacksonville is a “bargain.” Please don’t get me wrong; I don’t like paying taxes any […]