Celebrating 100 Issues…The Only Constant is Change! – by Whitman Parker

My View – July 2017

Nine years to this day, I penned my first editor’s column in the July 2008 Jacksonville Review. That was 100 issues ago just days after my wife, Jo, and I purchased […]

The BEST Thing?

My View – June 2017

I get lots of visitors here at the Review office on California Street….today was no different. Having an accessible, in-town office is one of the things that keeps me grounded and […]

May Flowers – by Whitman Parker

My View – May 2017

April showers bring May flowers,” then Jacksonville should look like a flower shop as soon as the sun comes out and stays out. After what can only be described as an […]

Following in the Footsteps… – by Whitman Parker

My View – April 2017

On the heels of the Oscar’s, I considered penning a feel-good Hollywood script about an idyllic small town that would make a hit movie. The plot started like this: Against all […]

On Finding Inspiration…Again! – by Whitman Parker

My View – March 2017

Just before press deadline, I bumped into a longtime Review columnist who admitted, “I’m struggling…all I have is writers block and I’m not sure about writing my column this month!” After […]

Make it a Great Year – by Whitman Parker

My View – February 2017

Happy Chinese New Year, Jacksonville! On the Chinese zodiac chart, 2017 is the “Year of the Rooster.” In this issue, you’ll find a full schedule of the Southern Oregon Chinese Cultural […]

Post-Election Peace

My View – December 2016/January 2017

I’d like to wish you Happy Holidays and post-election peace! Here at “Review HQ,” the last few months have been nothing short of exhilarating and exhausting, making the prospect of […]

Becker Best Choice for Mayor- by Whitman Parker

My View – November 2016

In my last column, I presented the case for re-electing Mayor Paul Becker, a candidate with vision, leadership and proven results. As you know, I’ve attended nearly every council […]

Let’s Re-Elect Mayor Becker! – by Whitman Parker

My View – October 2016

For reasons outlined here, I wholeheartedly endorse Mayor Becker and ask that you join me in re-electing him. In this election cycle, the mayor’s seat and three council seats are open. […]

Vote YES to Prohibit Pot Shops – by Whitman Parker

My View – September 2016

This month, let me get right to the point—please join me in voting YES on two ballot measures to ban marijuana shops in the city limits. On page 18, you’ll find […]