Joyfull Living – April 2017

The power of intention is a phenomenon that has been scientifically measured in many studies, like the one Dr. Masaru Emoto did with water. (

This particular study took water samples infused with spoken and written intentions like peace, love, truth, etc. The frozen water revealed beautiful, symmetrical crystal formations. When darker emotions, like anger and hate, were directed to the water, the formations were unbalanced, disconnected and bereft of beauty. Our body, being about 60% water, responds to the vibrations of our thoughts and intentions.

Positive intentions and affirmations become much more successful when they are not fighting negative thoughts in our subconscious mind. For example, if you are single and want to attract a partner, saying, “I have a great partner,” can activate the emotion of longing and not having, so it isn’t going to be as effective as saying, “ I am open to attracting a supportive, loving partner in my life now.” I always like to add to any affirmation: “In alignment with my Higher good and the Higher good of ALL.” Thoughts and words create a vibration.

Dr. Emoto’s study with water also showed how sound vibrations affect water crystals. That is why people have reported having such a deep and lasting effect from my sound healing sessions and gatherings. The powerful sounds from the bowls and gongs can bypass the judgments and resistance of the mind so the body can receive the harmonious vibrations they create. The gongs particularly affect the Hypothalamus gland where emotions are stored and released into the nervous system. It also impacts specific organs. H.H. Mitchell reported in the Journal of Biological Chemistry 158, that the brain and heart are composed of 73% water, and the lungs are about 83% water.

The combination of various yogic breathing and movement techniques, along with sounds, also support your nervous system to create a harmonious flow in all the body systems, to allow the body and mind to relax deeply.

We often have the best of intentions, but when we focus on what we don’t want or don’t have, it can keep us stuck in a reality that does not reflect our intentions. For example, when someone says, “I wish I had more money!” it activates old belief systems of scarcity stored in the body’s energetic system. In my online class, “Healing your Self-worth & Spiritual Nature Through the Chakras,” we learn how to identify and clear the old stories and negative thoughts that are holding us back. It’s been amazing to see the positive empowering effect it has had on so many participants. If you feel trapped by repeating patterns and stories that do not reflect your intentions, get help. Life is a precious gift. When we take time to connect with peace and stillness, the muddy waters created by the storms of life can clear and we can find our way to Joy!

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When we take actions that support our intentions our entire body system realigns with a more supportive and empowered way to navigate. It is even more powerful when we get to this as a group. is a virtual community of conscious, like-minded individuals from all over the world, with a diverse spiritual path, united by the desire to live life more deeply and joyfully. If you register for any of the online classes you will receive access to our bi-monthly tele-coaching & meditation classes. You will receive support and learn techniques and tools to inspire you on your spiritual journey. If you live near Jacksonville, you can come and experience a JoyFull Yoga class. Your first class is FREE this month. Experience the power of a conscious community of individuals coming together with the intention of cultivating more Peace, Joy and radiant health!! Visit for upcoming Sound Healing Dates.