The McCullys Part 2: The Next Chapter… – by Carolyn Kingsnorth

Pioneer Profiles – August 2016

When John McCully took the stage out of Jacksonville in the winter of 1861, he closed the door on the town, his home, his marriage, and his family. He left his […]

The McCullys Part 1: When Opposites Attract… – by Carolyn Kingsnorth

Pioneer Profiles – July 2016

The story of Jane and John McCully appears to have been one of opposites attracting. Jane has been described as “courageous, valiant, dauntless, adventuresome, and plucky”—worthy virtues for a pioneer lady […]

Benjamin Franklin Dowell Part 2: Attorney, Packer, Claims Collector, Lobbyist, and Newspaper Publisher – by Carolyn Kingsnorth

Pioneer Profiles – June 2016

Last month we looked at the early years of Benjamin Franklin Dowell, great, great nephew of Benjamin Franklin and a pioneer Jacksonville resident, in his role as attorney, packer, and claims […]

Benjamin Franklin Dowell Part 1: Attorney, Packer, and Claims Collector – by Carolyn Kingsnorth

Pioneer Profiles – May 2016

With the 1861 B.F. Dowell house being a featured home on the Jacksonville Boosters Club’s Historic Home and Garden Tour this month, it seems appropriate to focus our Pioneer Profile series […]

George Francis Schumpf – Jacksonville Town Barber – by Carolyn Kingsnorth

Pioneer Profiles – April 2016

Jacksonville Pioneer George Francis Schumpf was the most successful and longest established barber, operating his barber shop at 157 West California Street from the time he purchased the original building in […]

Judge Frank LeBlond TouVelle: Orchardist, Politician, Philanthropist – by Carolyn Kingsnorth

Pioneer Profiles – March 2016

The Judge Frank TouVelle House, located at 435 North Oregon Street in Jacksonville, is considered one of the best examples of Craftsman-style homes in the Rogue Valley. A special January 1, […]

William Hoffman: Merchant and Public Servant – by Carolyn Kingsnorth

Pioneer Profiles – February 2016

When William Hoffman arrived in Jacksonville in the fall of 1853, he brought his own gold—six marriageable daughters, a treasure indeed to the many bachelors who had been lured to the […]

Westward, Ho! – by Carolyn Kingsnorth

Pioneer Profiles – Dec 2015/Jan 2016

From 1843 to the completion of the Transcontinental Railroad in 1869, some 500,000 emigrants traveled the Oregon Trail to the “promised land” of the Oregon Territory and California in search […]

The Journey West… – by Carolyn Kingsnorth

Pioneer Profiles – November 2015

California and the Oregon Territory seemed like the “promised land” to individuals in the eastern half of the United States dreaming of riches, adventure, or better lives. But first they had […]

J.C. Whipp – Artist in Stone – by Carolyn Kingsnorth

Pioneer Profiles – October 2015

As you tour Jacksonville’s Historic Cemetery during “Meet the Pioneers” on October 9th or 10th, or wander among the tombstones on other occasions, you can’t help but notice the elaborate markers […]