Performing Arts

Britt 2015 Guitar Workshop Still Accepting Students!

Britt is still accepting students for its first Guitar Workshop, which will be August 28-30, 2015 at the RCC campus in downtown Medford.

The workshop is a three-day exploration of flamenco, slack key, classical, jazz, blues […]

Camelot’s Classic Crooners Spotlight: Yes There really WAS Good Pop Music Before Rock And Roll – by Lee Greene

In the lobby of the Camelot Theatre at the Monday evening, August 17 performance of Spotlight on Perry, Jerry & Dean: Classic Crooners, a couple of adults were trying to explain to the adolescent children […]

The Spirit of Leonard Bernstein Arouses The Britt Pavilion on Britt Classical Festival’s Fifth Night – by Lee Greene

On Sunday evening, August 9, the Britt Festivals presented the fifth concert of the 2015 Classical Season and for the third time this weekend, the program departed from the traditional menu of past seasons of […]

2015 Britt Classical Festival’s Fourth Night: A Concert To Write Home About – by Lee Greene

The Britt Festivals presented the fourth concert of the 2015 Classical Season on Saturday evening, August 8, and it continued the pattern set the previous night. The program diverged from the staid classical programming of […]

Maestro Abrams Brings Fresh Energy and New Music to Britt Classical Festival – by Lee Greene

The Britt Festivals presented the third concert of the 2015 Classical Season on Friday evening, August 7, and it was the first of three weekend concerts that diverged from the typical classical season fare of […]

Camelot Conservatory’s Aida Showcases Live Theater’s Promising Next Generation – by Lee Greene

Every summer, Camelot Theatre’s Conservatory offers a six week program for aspiring young talents, providing morning instruction in acting, voice and dance, taught by professional artists, with afternoons dedicated to rehearsals and performances of a […]

Britt Orchestra Follows Epic Opening Night With Glorious, Historic Second Night Concert – by Lee Greene

As I described elsewhere (, the 2015 Britt Festivals Classical Season began with an epic start on Opening Night. That was followed on Saturday, August 1 with the Second Night concert. Much was dialed […]

Britt Orchestra Delivers An EPIC Start to Maestro Abrams Sophomore Season – by Lee Greene

Epic: – of unusually great size or extent; – spectacular; very impressive; awesome [,]

The Britt Orchestra opened the 2015 Classical Season Friday evening, July 31, delivering a concert that was epic in all […]

OSF’s Secret Love In Peach Blossom Land: A Creative & Entertaining Allegory on Separation and Loss – by Lee Greene

Most seasons, the Oregon Shakespeare Festival (OSF) presents at least one play imported from another culture and adapted so it works for a contemporary American audience (e.g. The White Snake 2012, Throne of Blood 2010). […]

Southern Oregon Music Festival Brings Music to our Valley’s Youth – by Gwenne Wilcox

Taking the High Road with High Street

Imagine, for a moment, that you are 12-years-old. You and 449 other students are herded into the school gymnasium where a six-member band, decked-out in neon zoot suits […]