Joyfull Living – December 2016/January 2017

The holidays are always a busy, stressful time, but this year we have the added political discourse between friends and family. This can make it challenging to remember “good will to all.” As we reach the end of the year, we are facing a new world full of uncertainty. The media and Facebook posts are constantly putting out information that triggers fear, creates anxiety and can cause reactive angry behaviors. Investing our energy supporting the frustration and the fears can cause us to forget the message that all the holidays bring: Light and Peace. Peace on Earth will never be possible if we don’t make time to cultivate inner peace. If you don’t go within, you go without.

Regardless of your position on the recent political outcome, we all need to look up from our lives and embrace this healing opportunity. Blame only brings us into a low vibration of victimhood, making us powerless and creates more of what we don’t want. Our reality is simply a reflection of our consciousness created by the feelings and thoughts we are choosing moment by moment.

It is time for all us to live the Namaste—and reflect our inner light for each other, for this country—for our world. Respect your energy and respect others, instead of defending or accusing. Holding on, and feeding the feelings of hate, anger, blame and judgment only pollute your emotional state and keeps you stuck. Peace on Earth begins with you and me.

I choose to take responsibility to be an expression of light and peace in my life, in our world, in this moment. Choosing to engage with a solution—rather than the problem, enables us to take our power back and shift how we experience our reality.

It doesn’t mean that I don’t feel angry, discouraged or frustrated at times. It is heartbreaking to see this country so divided. We have to all come together, now more than ever, to heal and clean-up the old stories that do not support the higher good! When you practice being the observer of your emotions rather than the victim, you can choose to be a source of healing in your life, in our world.

Peace cannot exist in our world if we keep feeding the dark and dense energy!

Here is a suggestion of a practice to reclaim your peaceful mind and heal your reality:

“Right now, I am feeling _________. I choose to breathe Divine Light into this emotion. I allow for healing within myself and in our world. I am choosing to feed the peace in my heart and mind now.

I Breathe in Peace (take a slow belly breath in).

I Breathe out Peace (slowly exhale, pulling the belly inward to clear all the air out.) Repeat the slow breathing with the next phrases:

I Breathe in Light … I Breathe out Light.

I Breathe in Love … I Breathe out Love.

And so it is, and so it is, and so I AM.”

Take a gentle breath in—hold it—and then release it out through your mouth with a gentle haaaa—repeat as needed, the side effects include the ability to smile more often, reduce stress and increase your capacity to feel joy, BE LOVE, and improve your life condition regardless of external circumstances.

Take actions that support your New Year intentions. Doing the same things over and over expecting different results is Einstein’s definition of insanity. Just like a fire, peace needs to be tended to every day, so take time to breathe and feel the power of Peace in your life and may it expand into our World.

“When the power of love overcomes the love of power, the world will know peace.”
~ Jimi Hendrix

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