Love Your Landscape – July 2015

From wall fountains to basin fountains, water features can be stylish and low maintenance, allowing you to create a serene oasis outside your door. Water fountains improve aesthetics, add home value and curb appeal, and establish a sense of balance and harmony in your landscape.

For homeowners, business owners, and guests, the benefits of an outdoor fountain are numerous. Whether located in the front or back yard, a public seating area, or a private garden, the sound and appearance of water improves the overall nature of an outdoor living space.

Running water is commonly utilized in stress reduction and relaxation exercises, as well as sleep-aid therapy. Whether intently listening, or enjoying the water as soothing background noise, fountains reinforce stress reduction by drowning-out abrasive sounds of daily living.

In addition to mental health benefits, running water can promote physical health. Water fountains add humidity to otherwise dry, arid environments while serving as natural air purifiers, cycling dust and allergens and removing them from the air. Outdoor water features can also benefit individuals who struggle with seasonal allergies.

Customer traffic is a major source of revenue for any business with a storefront. Outdoor fountains can give businesses an edge over the competition. Restaurants, bars, and cafes with sidewalk and patio-style seating may attract new customers with the refreshing and relaxing sight and sound of running water. The pleasant atmosphere created by a fountain can also foster loyalty and repeat business.

For these reasons and more, an outdoor water fountain might be the perfect addition to your home garden, outdoor living space, or place of business.