News From Britt Hill, February 2015 – by Donna Briggs

As we enter the New Year, Britt welcomes Jacksonville’s three newest City Council members: Ken Gregg, Brad Bennington and Jim Lewis. As volunteers, the City Council works tirelessly with the city’s administrative staff and citizens […]

News From Britt Hill, December 2014/January 2015 – by Donna Briggs

It has been a very busy year for Britt, and perhaps that’s why we feel 2014 flew by so quickly. We’ve reached new goals and met new challenges while experiencing another successful season. […]

News From Britt Hill, November 2014 – by Donna Briggs

As we enter the 2014 Holiday Season, the words that come to mind are “thank you for an amazing year.” We embarked on transformative changes to the Britt Hill, hosted a powerful and innovative Classical […]

Thanks Britt Society – by Donna Briggs

News From Britt Hill – October 2014

I am dedicating this entire column to the Britt Society, the unsung heroes of Britt Festivals. Did you know that the Britt Society is a separate non-profit 501c3 organization […]

News From Britt Hill, September 2014 – by Donna Briggs

As I write this, we have just completed the final weekend of the 2014 Classical Festival. Wow! I do believe Teddy saved the best for last. On closing night, Mahler’s piece was simply breathtaking. I […]

Classical Music Accessible for All – by Donna Briggs

News From Britt Hill – August 2014

My hope is that 2014 will be remembered as the year of accessibility: accessible music, accessible venue and accessible Music Director.

Who’s afraid of classical music? Lots of people, apparently. […]

Major Construction Breathes New Life Into the Community – by Donna Briggs

News From Britt Hill, July 2014

The combined projects of the City of Jacksonville’s First Street sidewalk project, the Booster Club’s lighting project and the Britt Festival’s Performance Garden project resulted in over $2 million dollars […]

Britt Staff Picks Rock…and Roll

This summer’s Britt season offers a diversity of live performances that create a sense of discovery and community...

News From Britt Hill, April 2014 – by Donna Briggs

Congratulations to blues singer Cee Cee James, winner of the 2014 Rising Stars competition.

Best of Britt Benefit Coming! – by Donna Briggs

Make plans now for one of the most entertaining and tasty events of the summer! Our “Best of Britt” benefit on Thursday, June 26, is an evening filled with all the best parts of Britt—great music, great food and great wine!