Thank You Britt Society – by Donna Briggs

News From Britt Hill – October 2016

I wrote this column several years back and have never repeated a column before now. Read on and you will understand why I am re-publishing this sweet reminder.

I am […]

News From Britt Hill, September 2016 – by Donna Briggs

As most of you know, on July 29 & 30, Britt celebrated the Centennial of the National Parks Service, with the world premiere performance of “Natural History,” a composition written by […]

News From Britt Hill, August 2016 – by Donna Briggs

We are very excited about our entire 2016 Britt Orchestra season. On Opening night, Friday, August 5, Music Director Teddy Abrams opens the 2016 Britt Orchestra season with a new commission by celebrated Russian-American composer […]

News From Britt Hill, July 2016 – by Donna Briggs

Today, nonprofit performing arts organizations across the country find that to meet the challenges of the 21st century, we must innovate. Some of the most promising solutions are generated by those of us who are […]

Britt…More Than Concerts! – by Donna Briggs

News From Britt Hill – June 2016

In addition to the concerts that Britt presents all summer, did you know that Britt Music and Arts Festival also offers education programs twelve months out of the year? […]

Rumors… – by Donna Briggs

News From Britt Hill – May 2016

The buzz around Britt’s 2016 line-up started with rumors that turned into reality. Yes, the “supreme” Diana Ross, along with her daughter, Rhonda Ross, is performing […]

Host a Britt Classical Musician this Summer! – by Donna Briggs

News From Britt Hill – April 2016

For over 50 years, Britt has provided our orchestra members with host families that open their homes and hearts to music, and give our musicians who travel from all […]

2016 Britt Orchestra Season – by Donna Briggs

News From Britt Hill – March 2016

While all of the concerts and programs that we present are important, the Britt Orchestra holds a special place as the artistic core of our organization. The Britt board […]

Find the Britt Orchestra in Unusual Places this Year… – by Donna Briggs

News From Britt Hill – February 2016

2016 is going to be a year of exploration for Britt. Simply put, we are going to try new things. First, we will kick off the […]

Does Britt Matter? – by Donna Briggs

News From Britt Hill – Dec 2015/Jan 2016

Does Britt Music and Arts Festival matter to the future generations of Jacksonville and the Rogue Valley? In recent years, many Britt supporters have informed me of their […]