As Summer gives way to Fall, I’m looking forward to cooler days and hoping for blue skies overhead. This summer was unusual with extreme bursts of heat coupled with smoke-filled skies from nearby forest fires—both put a damper on all sorts of outdoor activities and commerce. For many local businesses, the economic consequence of reduced summer tourism is yet another reason to support our locally-owned, small businesses right here in town… all year-round. Making a commitment to shop locally results in enormously-positive consequences for Jacksonville’s economic vitality and translates directly to our quality of life.

In this issue, I’ve devoted a great deal of ink to an important city issue: what to do with the city-owned historic courthouse. Although many have opinions on the matter, including me, I believe the letter on page 17 by Russ Kennedy and Mayor Paul Becker’s response sum-up the issue nicely. Thankfully, both gentlemen have presented their points of view politely and respectfully, something as Publisher I appreciate.

As always, this issue of the Review is packed with things to know, people to meet, places to visit and things to do! Behind the scenes, my staff and I are constantly upping the bar, adding new content, upgrading processes and striving to produce the best publication possible. Between covers, I invite you to stay-up on even more news on our Facebook page and online at Here’s to a wonderful Fall season in our Small Town with Big Atmosphere!

Posted August 30, 2013