I just sat down to pen this column on a sunny Saturday morning, one day before the Summer Solstice. The weather is perfect so the office door is wide open, allowing the sights and sounds of Jacksonville to flood-in. Just now, I caught a glimpse of two 18-wheelers cruising by— not the normal gravel or logging trucks—rather, trucks loaded with equipment for tonight’s season-opening concert on Britt Hill. I love when the road crews arrive hours ahead of the on-stage talent—it’s a reminder that our little town is a world-class music destination, soon to be visited and enjoyed by thousands of visitors!

The Britt Buzz I’m feeling is proof positive that Jacksonville is alive and well and loaded with interesting things to do…and full of interesting people to watch and meet. Over the last seven years, I’ve had the pleasure and privilege of getting to know many of you and have enjoyed bringing you the Jacksonville Review. This issue marks my 7th Anniversary as Publisher—representing 78 issues “in the can.” To celebrate this milestone, the Review did the only logical thing we could think of—we expanded our publishing horizons by launching a new quarterly magazine, Southern Oregon Wine Scene, which you’ll read about on page 39.

In these past 7 years, I’ve witnessed an ever-evolving cultural shift in Jacksonville, much of which has been spotlighted on the pages of the Review. That spotlight has been cast by me AND an amazing crew of contributing writers, all of whom bring their talent and passion to these pages.

Finally, please remember that this publication relies solely on advertising revenue to survive and thrive. As such, I hope you’ll join me in expressing your thanks to the business community by “shopping local” in our Small Town with Big Atmosphere!