Focus on Hanley Farm – September 2017

Hanley Farm’s music festival was GREAT! Hundreds of people attended, making the Southern Oregon Historical Society’s 71st anniversary an event to remember. The forecast for the day was 103 degrees, but the weather gods prevailed and it was a cooler 97 degrees, with a slight breeze. Despite the hazy skies and warm weather, everyone who attended left with a smile on their face and a spring in their step.

In fact, up until Saturday, there were probably many who were just “meandering down the sidewalk, at a sluggish pace.” Did you know that music not only effects how you walk, but it’s been known to reduce stress and anxiety, improve health and well-being, and in some cases, improve memory? In fact, researchers have learned that music helps many patients during post-surgery recovery!

The day began with Sage Meadows and her band performing a dazzling array of “rockin” country classics and new tunes. The music of Intuitive Compass has been described as “folk nouveau.” And their performance was outstanding, with Jason O’Dea on the guitar and Aurelia Cohen playing the accordion, performing “original vaudevillian folk music.” Phoenix Sigalove’s original vocals were inspirational, told a story, and entertained in only the way Phoenix could deliver. Truly a performance to be remembered. The Fret Drifters—Andy Casad and Nick Garrett, put on a fabulous performance, as always. Karen Lovely and Ben Rice topped the day off with performances that had the audience on their feet, jumping up and dancing and spinning with their music! Karen literally took hold of everyone in the crowd and shook them to their core. And Ben Rice gave a performance to die for with his powerful and emotionally-charged solos. Karen & Ben as a team gave performances that will remain with us all for quite some time.