On September 3, 1992, Alison Magallon gave birth to an extraordinary baby girl, Maya Rose. Born in a fierce hurricane, she was always full of passion, extreme emotion and vibrant energy. She was a daughter, guardian, and a graceful leader for her siblings and animals.

She grew up in Jacksonville, attended Jacksonville Elementary, Mcloughlin Middle and South High Schools. She rescued animals, volunteered at CATS, played volleyball and sat for Britt goers. She is so clearly loved by so many people, and animals. Her heart was always open to those in need of caring. With her beauty, she would leave a mark on every soul she encountered. She had been a great friend to share your life with. What a pleasure it was to have known her.

Maya and her friends were just normal teenagers who began experimenting with pharmaceuticals. The effects drugs had on her were devastating. Taking drugs one time was all that was required to form a very dark habit. At the devastating age of 25, Maya Rose passed away.

Maya could be anyone’s daughter, sister or friend. We need to take ownership for our approach towards people battling with addiction, please listen!

Each day is a challenge, a challenge of its own, knowing what we left behind will never get to grow.

But for the time that she did, it was a mystic balance of love and ambition.

So letā€™s start this mission, in honor of her. Always remember; never let the memory be a blur.

The days will be good but also deceiving. Enjoying your time then realizing she’s still not breathing.

Anger will come but from this you can run. Run you shall because anger is something that does not deserve to be your pal.

Signs will be sent, sent from above. And in my opinion, they are testing our love. So don’t stop reading or seeing the signs because for our beautiful Maya that’s all she’s left behind.

So let it be a message to others, protect your family and treat your friends like brothers.

~Gideon Yendell