My View – February 2017

Happy Chinese New Year, Jacksonville! On the Chinese zodiac chart, 2017 is the “Year of the Rooster.” In this issue, you’ll find a full schedule of the Southern Oregon Chinese Cultural Association Chinese New Year celebration on pages 38-39. With a dedicated team of volunteers, SOCCA will once again bring us another exciting day-long celebration to commemorate Southern Oregon’s rich Chinese cultural history. The fun begins with a morning parade, followed by events throughout the day for the entire family.

While reading-up on the significance and meaning of the “Rooster,” I was amazed by the timeliness of commentary by Chinese astrology experts that included:

After the shenanigans of this past Monkey year… the New Year of the Fire Rooster is going to bring fresh challenges, requiring quick wit and practical solutions!

In the wake of the November elections, I found this prediction disturbingly comforting. Although Jacksonville can’t compare to Washington, DC on a “shenanigans” scale, we’re not without our faults…just about everyone tells me they’re hoping for the best after this interesting election season, here and on a national level. Locally, 2017 is shaping up as a year for city leaders to find practical solutions on budget issues, especially related to public safety and other city-related funding challenges. Indeed, quick wit and practicality is welcome and needed!

Along this same line, another “Rooster year attribute” stated, Public administration jobs, military careers and police jobs are highly favored. Again, drawing a parallel to what’s happening in town, our city leaders are now searching to fill several police and fire department positions and preparing for turnover in several key departmental posts. Interesting, don’t you think? Personally, I’m choosing to look upon this as a good “sign.” And, with full confidence in staff, I was pleased to learn that administrative jobs are also on the “favorable” side of the 2017 zodiac equation!

Finally, now knowing that Rooster Years are a blend of righteousness and justice, bombast and logistical efficiency, I’ll do all I can to make sure the Review’s mission aligns itself with “justice” and “logical efficiency” and will endeavor to avoid the “righteousness” and “bombast” sides…but there’s no guarantee, especially when it comes to penning My View! Here’s to a very happy and successful 2017 in Our Small Town with Big Atmosphere!