What’s Cooking…Outside? – by Adam Haynes

Love Your Landscape – May 2015

Outdoor kitchens are a great way to expand your overall living space. Outdoor cooking and entertaining can provide you with a summer “vacation” feel in your […]

Consider Synthetic Turf – by Adam Haynes

Love Your Landscape – April 2015

In recent years, the synthetic grass turf industry has experienced rapid growth despite the slow economy in the commercial and residential building markets. The turf industry coasted through the recession […]

Trends in Outdoor Living Spaces – by Adam Haynes

Love Your Landscape – March 2015

Hardscapes encompass landscape components such as pavers, concrete, stone, brick, block or wood. As an industry, hardscaping saw significant growth in concurrence with the U.S. economic downturn when people started […]

Light-up Your Landscape with Outdoor Lighting – by Adam Haynes

Love Your Landscape – November 2014

As winter approaches and the days get shorter, a perfect way to brighten your landscape is by adding a low voltage (LV) lighting system.

Though outdoor lighting is also very practical […]

Fall is the Best Time to Plant – by Adam Haynes

Love Your Landscape – October 2014

Jacksonville is a wonderful place to enjoy fall colors! If you’ve lived here very long, you’ve probably identified your favorite tree for fall color, whether in your own yard or […]

Water Conservation Tips for Healthier, Green Grass – by Adam Haynes

Love Your Landscape – August 2014

Summer is definitely here with temperatures commonly soaring above 100 degrees, making it a challenge to keep our landscaping and lawn looking green and healthy. With current summer conditions, the […]

Using Retaining Walls in Your Landscape – by Adam Haynes

Love Your Landscape – July 2014

Ordinarily, one’s reason for installing a retaining wall is for pure function, but in many cases, retaining walls can add depth, beauty and interest to a sloped or steeply-graded area.

There […]

Adding Seasonal Beauty to Patios, Porches and Decks – by Adam Haynes

Love Your Landscape, June 2014

It’s easy to add splashes of color to empty and challenging spaces on patios, porches and decks. This time of year, with flowers and landscapes in-bloom all around us, open spaces […]

Enjoying A Beautiful Summer Lawn – by Adam Haynes

Love Your Landscape – May 2014

Most of us in Jacksonville love having a thick, lush and beautiful lawn! This is a great time of year for planning, preparing and implementing turf care. Here are a […]

The Effects of Cold Temperatures on Your Landscape – by Adam Haynes

Love Your Landscape – March 2014

After a record-setting dry and cold winter with little-to-no precipitation and some of the coldest consecutive days on record, it’s a good idea to check how your plants have fared.

We’ve […]