Living Nativity Returns to Bigham Knoll

Marvel at the wonder of the season as the Bigham Knoll Campus becomes an outdoor stage featuring 6 Living Nativity scenes. As you walk in small tour groups, you’ll hear stories told by live actors about the Birth of Christ, portrayed by members of five Jacksonville churches. Last year, the production inspired more than 3500 attendees, becoming one of the most memorable holiday events.

This inspirational family-friendly event takes place on December 14, 15 & 16 with tours from 5-8 on Friday, and 3:30 pm-7 pm Saturday and Sunday. Tours are free and last approximately 30 minutes with several designed to accommodate seniors and slower-paced walkers. This year, Living Nativity scenes will depict Gabriel Appears to Mary,  Joseph and Mary at the Inn, An Angel Appears to the Shepherds Heralding the Birth of the Savior, Mary and Joseph with baby Jesus in the Manger, King Herod and the Wise Men and  The Wise Men with Mary, Joseph and Jesus just before escaping to Egypt.  Please see for more.