Love Your Landscape – November 2014

As winter approaches and the days get shorter, a perfect way to brighten your landscape is by adding a low voltage (LV) lighting system.

Though outdoor lighting is also very practical for security reasons, it’s also a great way to create an ambience that enhances your property and creates definition. By defining outdoor spaces at night, you open a whole new way to enjoy your landscape—defining pathways, lighting trees, in fountains and other water features.

Installing front yard lighting creates better curb appeal and adds a dimension of security. Lighting your backyard is all about enhancing outdoor areas where you spend more time.

After installing outdoor lighting systems for my clients, I enjoy their immediate response of how much more they love their landscape at night—most find themselves spending more time enjoying the evenings outdoors as a result of the ambiance the lighting creates, all year-round!

If outdoor lighting is of interest, there are several ways to move forward. The quality, durability and price of LV lighting varies greatly. The selection at most big-box home improvement stores offers the least expensive option. However, the selection has limitations and pros and cons since most are designed for smaller, limited areas. And, the life expectancy of the materials used in most of these products is also limited. Although the price seems right, the systems don’t usually last very long.

The next option is to invest in an LV outdoor lighting system that will last for years. One of the leading manufacturers of LV lighting I use often offers a 10-year warranty on all their products. Despite a higher initial investment, such a system will last longer, increase your property value and help avoid dealing with issues that arise with cheaper, low quality products.

Landscape lighting is a long-term addition to your home and can create a great way to love your landscape. As the days get shorter, enjoy the beauty of outdoor living more by lighting-up your landscape!