Home Prices Up, Sales Down – by Graham Farran

The real estate market in Jackson County continues its recovery with the median price of a home growing by 4.2% for the first quarter 2014 to $187,500. The number of homes sold in the first quarter of 2014 has actually decreased to 345 compared to 389 sold in the first quarter 2013.

Increase the Value of Your Home Before Selling – by Graham Farran

When preparing your home for sale, there are many inexpensive improvements that will bring you greater value and help sell your home faster.

Unleash the Investing Power of a 401(k) – by Graham Farran

For years, the primary retirement plan was a company pension plan. At retirement, a retiree would receive a fixed sum, or a pension, paid by the employer. By offering a superior pension plan, employers, the government and labor unions attracted good employees...

2014 Real Estate Market: The Year of the Repeat Buyer – by Graham Farran

2014 looks to be the year of the “repeat home buyer,” as interest rates rise and home prices increase—worsening affordability will discourage some first time home buyers. These won’t be the only changes as foreclosures slow, inventory stabilizes and the process of getting a mortgage becomes less hectic.

2013 Real Estate Market “Year in Review” – by Graham Farran

Jackson County has had an incredible year in the Real Estate Market. Home prices in most metropolitan areas of the United States grew significantly in 2013, with the national median price rising at its fastest annual rate in eight years.

Ten Reasons Why Real Estate is a Superior Investment – by Graham Farran

Do you have enough money saved for retirement? Financial planners usually use the “25 Times Rule” to determine...

Low-Level Buzz – by Graham Farran

Do you feel it? Do you see it? Something is different! The Rogue Valley has a deafening low-level buzz rising in the air...

To Own or Rent a Home – by Graham Farran

There are two inter-related trends that have impacted the rental market. The first is the rapidly growing number...

Let’s Talk Real Estate – by Graham Farran

Here is a recap of real estate prices, sales and interest rates and how they have affected our local market...