My View – October 2016

For reasons outlined here, I wholeheartedly endorse Mayor Becker and ask that you join me in re-electing him. In this election cycle, the mayor’s seat and three council seats are open. On the Council side, incumbents Criss Garcia and David Jesser, along with Steve Casaleggio are running unopposed—all are excellent candidates. In the Mayoral race, Mayor Paul Becker and Councilor Jocie Wall are competing for your vote.

In the Review’s 2016 Candidate Questionnaire on the following pages, please read what each candidate hopes to accomplish if elected… in their own words.

In my words, the case for re-electing Paul Becker is simple: For six years, Paul Becker has been an excellent mayor, demonstrating a keen ability to listen to residents, work with staff and collaborate with committees, commissions as well as civic and business groups. He strives to reach realistic outcomes while acting as a unifier, never forgetting that he is also a citizen. He’s a man of solid character with a “can-do” attitude and a cheerful disposition, with a clear vision and a long record of accomplishments.

At City Hall, he’s created a work environment wherein the city staff and council have flourished under his leadership, resulting in the accomplishment of numerous projects that have greatly benefited all residents. Working alongside City Administrator Jeff Alvis, Mayor Becker has provided guidance and leadership on (1) the successful land swap with the MRA, thus allowing the development of the Forest Park and the successful removal of off-road vehicles from city-owned land, (2) the state-mandated removal and reclamation of the city’s aging dam and spillway at a fraction of the estimated cost, (3) restoration of the historic courthouse into a new City Hall, (4) the stabilization of public safety funding, and other significant accomplishments.

Mayor Becker has also played a key administrative role in insuring that the city is on solid financial footing and that all departments are operating within sustainable budgetary constraints. Having presided over the City Council and the Budget Committee, Mayor Becker has proven to be an excellent steward of city finances and is most-deserving of serving another term. On his watch, the city has secured invaluable, long-term water rights, revamped its Planning Department and revised outdated codes, ordinances and the City Charter.

With important decisions ahead, the re-election of Mayor Becker will ensure that the city remains on a positive pathway. Over the next four years, it’s likely that our mayor and councilors will be tasked with replacing several key department-head positions as staff retirements occur. These posts include the City Administrator, Police Chief and Fire Chief. With years of managerial experience, Mayor Becker has an excellent track record of recognizing talent and then hiring qualified employees.

In addition to being a genuinely nice and honest person, Mayor Paul Becker possesses other qualities that make him the best choice for mayor—above all is his willingness to listen to the needs of ALL residents, regardless of economic status. Mayor Becker is also a good student, who comes to meetings fully prepared to handle action items in a positive, constructive manner. Likewise, he’s a good teacher, relying on the wisdom of his years to advocate for well-founded programs and make good decisions. Mostly, Mayor Becker is a caring citizen with an open mind and a desire to be a part of the solution.

Please join me in re-electing Paul Becker as Mayor of our Small Town with Big Atmosphere!

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