News From Britt Hill – October 2017

We’d like to share our excitement about critical improvements being made on the Britt hill. With the close of another fantastic season, Britt is transitioning into what is sure to be a busy “off” season. Beginning this month, our old grey Britt bench seats will become just a memory. Thanks to Jackson County Parks, the 30-year-old decrepit wood benches and steel brackets are in the process of being removed. The site work will continue into the fall to prepare for the spring installation of our beautiful new hardwood benches. The project will also include a new light tower, safer walkways, new lighting and a back-up generator system for emergency evacuation. Our work should be completed just in time for Jacksonville Elementary School’s annual play.

The fundraising effort began in 2016 and to date we have secured $935,000 of our 1.2 million dollar goal. We have just received a $300,000 grant from the M.J. Murdock Charitable Trust. The grant initially provides $100,000 in outright funds, with a $200,000 challenge grant contingent upon a 1:1 match. To receive the matching funds, Britt is offering a bench sponsorship program that invites patrons and businesses of the community to sponsor one or more seats with inscribed plaques that will be attached to the seat backrests for a full decade. Sponsorships are available from $250 to $1,500. A dollar for dollar match is the ideal way to leverage your support—your $250 gift will become $500! If you have been thinking about sponsoring a seat or seats, now is the time to step up!

Britt is grateful to have already received substantial support from our local business community, patrons, Board of Directors, and charitable foundations. We hope that you will join our coalition and take advantage of this opportunity to support our community. As you know, Britt Music and Arts Festival benefits all of us here in the valley. These improvements will help secure Britt’s place and Jacksonville’s vibrancy for future generations to come.

Thank you again for your support of Britt. After a great summer of telling our story, we have seen the community come together and throw their backing behind this shared vision of Britt’s bright future. We hope that you will join us by sponsoring a seat and help show everyone the lasting bond between Britt and our local community.

Please email Bill Rhatican at or visit our website at for further information.