A wide variety of arts & crafts classes will be available for students 5 and older at The Woodcarving Place in downtown Jacksonville. In addition to watercolor and acrylic painting, charcoal and stamping, special-interest classes will be offered. For older students, a Fashion class will enable them to draw their designs and present them in a booklet. Woodcarving and wood burning are other popular classes.

“We love kids,” says Sandra Flowers, the instructor and co-owner of the Woodcarving Place. “We want them to be successful so that they have a positive experience with art.

We also want every project to be something parents will want to hang on their wall!”

One of the most popular classes last summer was building gnome homes with stones and mortar. Sandy adds that bird houses and sun catchers are lots of fun, as well! For a full list of classes, see the web site www.thewoodcarvingplace.com.

All classes are by appointment on an individual basis to suit families with busy summer schedules. Just phone 541-899-5571 if you would like to enroll. Lessons are given in the big classroom at The Woodcarving Place, located at 255 E. D St. here in Jacksonville.