Peace Within = Peace On Earth – by Louise Lavergne

Joyfull Living – December 2016/January 2017

The holidays are always a busy, stressful time, but this year we have the added political discourse between friends and family. This can make it challenging to remember “good will […]

Surrender: The Bridge to Transformation – by Louise Lavergne

Joyfull Living – November 2016

In life, the idea of surrender comes up usually when we meet an intolerable level of frustration and reach the end of our rope. It is a word that in our […]

Being Human – Getting Real – by Louise Lavergne

Joyfull Living – October 2016

Who do you think you are? Not who do you think you should be or you were, or what others want you or expect you to be. […]

A Message from the Universe – by Louise Lavergne

Joyfull Living – September 2016

At the beginning of the year, I wrote this would be a year for transformation and change. Like it or not, things are changing all around us. It’s becoming harder and […]

Inflammation: Your Body’s S.O.S. Call – by Louise Lavergne

Joyfull Living – August 2016

Inflammation is your body’s way of protecting your well-being. Your body is designed to be well and wants to restore balance more than it wants to be sick. The word inflammation […]

The “Guts” to Feel Great – by Louise Lavergne

Joyfull Living – June 2016

Our gut is our biggest immune system organ and contributes to our overall well-being. Some health professionals are now linking digestive issues like indigestion, constipation, diarrhea, acid reflux, and even weight […]

From Wishful Wanting to Manifesting – by Louise Lavergne

Joyfull Living – May 2016

May greets us with many planets in retrograde (Jupiter until 5/9; Mercury until 5/22; Mars until 6/29). This continues to be a time to not be in a rush to “get […]

The Yoga of Gardening – by Louise Lavergne

Joyfull Living – April 2016

There is a natural burst of energy that we all seem to feel in the spring. We can get overly-enthusiastic in our outdoor activities, like gardening, golfing … and we pay […]

Inner “Spring” Awakening to Improve Your LIFE Condition – by Louise Lavergne

Joyfull Living – March 2016

Nature teaches us about the most important part of Life itself: Awakening! Spring is a time of rebirth and transformation as we step out of the darkness of winter into the […]

The Cosmic Gifts of 2016 – by Louise Lavergne

Joyfull Living – February 2016

As I was creating my year’s plan and scheduling classes and events, I was amazed at the amount of planets going retrograde every month until this fall. If you are in […]