With Appreciation and Gratitude—The Madrone Theatre Company and the Friends of Jacksonville’s Historic Cemetery would like to sincerely thank everyone who attended our October fundraiser, Spoon River Anthology. Your support for our organization, our Pioneer Cemetery and the generous and dedicated cast was sincerely appreciated. The turnout for this unique and special production of Edgar Lee Masters’ Spoon River Anthology directed by Ron Danko was very impressive and the audience feedback about our amazing cast was just remarkable and wonderful. The audiences loved and thoroughly enjoyed David Gordon’s beautiful musical arrangements that wonderfully carried us from one monologue to the next, along with the fabulous cast and the interesting characters they presented along with the numerous costume changes. This was a very special event that we will cherish being a part of for many years to come. We appreciate all the time and work that this cast put into this production, one that many devoted fans claimed to be the best production of Spoon River Anthology they had ever seen. Approximately 500 people attended the performances, raising over $8,300, after expenses, for the Friends of Jacksonville’s Historic Cemetery. These proceeds will help fund several restoration projects planned for 2017.

Our sincere gratitude and appreciation go to the entire cast, Ron Danko, David Gordon, Jois Harkness, Rob Hirschboeck, Constance Jesser, David Sours, and Lea Worecester, (and their spouses) Aurelie, Ginna, Eddie, Deb, David, Lori and Chad, for making this such a fun and successful fundraiser and fill-in for our annual Meet the Pioneers program. Thank you to Rogue Community College for opening up their wonderful Performance Hall to us and for their hospitality, David Gibb Photography, Laurie Heuston, Mail Tribune Tempo, Whit Parker and Andrea Yancey at the Jacksonville Review, The Applegater, Rogue Valley Messenger, Evalyn Hansen, The Daily Tidings/Revels, Geoffrey Riley, Jefferson Public Radio, KDVR 12, KOBI 5 and KTVL 10, Jacksonville Chamber and Visitor Center, SOHS and Historic Jacksonville for helping to promote this event. Appreciation to Cheryl Garcia, Jo Parker, Ann Wilton, the Camelot Theatre and the Friends of Jacksonville’s Historic Cemetery for their assistance with costumes. Thank you to Steve and Sue Bennett, Susan DeRosa, Carolyn Roberts and Bill Stanton for their artistic assistance with the stage setting. Thank you to all the others who helped and supported this production in a number of ways acknowledged in the Spoon River Anthology program book. A special thank you and appreciation to the following who assisted in the theatre with tickets, programs, refreshments and seating: John Ellis, Vivienne Grant, Katie Haugse, Dianne Helmer, Beverly Helvie, Tony and Joan Hess, Karen Hopkins, Jeanne Knope, Ellen Martin, Dick Meyers, Gail Nicholson, Betsy Sharp, Pam Smith and Ron Ruppert, Bill Stanton, Penn Viets and Kathy Waltz.

We look forward to welcoming you back to “Meet the Pioneers” in Jacksonville’s Historic Cemetery on October 6-8, 2017. Thank you for your help, support and kind donations this past year and wishing all a very Merry Christmas and a Happy, Healthy New Year filled with history, fun and joyful times.

And another Thank You to the following volunteers who helped to take down the flags in the Cemetery following Veterans Day—Mary Siedlecki, Betsy Sharp, Bill and Debbie Miller, Sue White, Tony and Joan Hess, Neill and Beverly Smith. The Friends of Jacksonville’s Historic Cemetery place flags on the gravesites of all the Veterans resting in the Cemetery each Memorial Day and they remain in place until after Veterans Day.

Featured image photo is of the selection ‘Dippold the Optician’—Top row is Ron Danko, David Sours and David Gordon. Bottom row is Jois Harkness, Rob Hirschboeck, Lea Worecester and Constance Jesser. Photo by Steven Addington.