Joyfull Living – March 2017

When you need to make an important life decision, how do you know if the feeling in the pit of your stomach is an emotional response that comes from fear of the unknown, or if it’s your intuition kicking-in to help you avoid a painful and/or expensive mistake. Our emotions are what drive the decisions we make. It’s important to know whether we are responding from our reactive-ego-self, usually motivated by fear and limited beliefs, or from our intuition. The latter is inspired by our higher-self, to align us with our Higher good. Meeting a challenge or a decision with fear in the driver’s seat can lead us to experience a reality disconnected from our dreams. It can cause us to miss some golden opportunities that could bring us great joy and success.

Our mind fuels our emotional instrument, which impacts our nervous system, which impacts our overall well-being. In times of stress, we tend to go into fear mode, which interferes with our natural ability to listen to our inner guidance. Fear triggers our fight or flight response, causing our glands to produce toxic levels of adrenalin and cortisol in our body. Your glands are the guardians of your health. They rely on the work environment you provide your body with your lifestyle and food choices, your self-care and stress management, etc. They all impact your gut and digestive system, which when in distress can make your gut feeling unreliable. Peace of mind is crucial for you to be able to access your intuition. This is why yoga and meditation continue to be the most effective ways to prevent and heal many stress-related diseases and offer some of the best tools to help us with decision-making.

When we are at peace in our mind, heart and belly, we can access our super powers to give us the ability to navigate our life and make supportive decisions so we can experience radiant heath, balance and success. From that state of being, you remove fear from the driver’s seat of your life. It can take its place as one of the advisors on the board of your inner navigational system. Fear is a warning that you are out of alignment with your truth.

How to tell if it’s your intuition or reactive feelings:

When we are out of balance we tend to make poor decisions that do not support our higher good and the higher good of all. When a decision is driven by the fear-based ego, it’s always reactive and usually fraught with drama. It will almost always make you feel stuck and have a constrictive feeling in your body. Fear almost always tries to use reasoning and brings you in touch with what is not possible.

Your intuition comes from your soul-self. It can be easily felt from your peaceful, balanced state of mind and heart. It always pulls you forward and gives you a feeling of expansion. It stirs a feeling of enthusiasm and always feels right in your bones. The best answer for you is not always the one that feels the most familiar or comfortable. You can still experience fear of the unknown—the ego always fights to keep you stuck—but you will feel an overall sense of lightness of being around the option.

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It’s not so much about the right or wrong choice, but the consequences you are willing to accept and take responsibility for. Sometimes we are not ready to overcome the fear of the unknown, so it may not be time to say “yes,” but if yes gives you a sense of excitement maybe there is something you can do to take a baby step toward it. Take actions that move you forward in your life. Every time you try to go back to re-create what was, you are going to feel stuck and limited. With a daily practice of creating peaceful space in your mind and body, it becomes easier to align with your Higher good. If you make time to listen, events in your life fall into place to guide you. You will know what the next step is for your higher good and the higher good of ALL. Get 30 % off any online class this month use: JRMARCH17.