Speaking of Antiquing – August 2015

When you walk into Pickety Place, undoubtedly, the first thing you see are the glass display cabinets filled with shiny baubles.

There are silver and glass trays filled with all sorts of treasures.

People gravitate first to the side of the glass where the sterling silver pieces are displayed. Most of the rings on this side of the counter are sterling silver, turquoise, coral, jade, and onyx. You will also find a dish filled with tiny charms of all subjects. Lined-out in neat rows are lovely sterling silver bracelets, some with gemstones, some just lovely filigree work.

You will find mid-century wrist watches in working order.

If pocket watches are your desire, there are a few of these, too.

Keep looking and you will find a money clip with interesting designs on it.

There are detailed silver pins, pendants, stones and gems.

On top of the counter are carousels filled with gemstone pierced-earrings and pendants, and a tray for studs and clip-ons.

There are several rows of bracelet racks filled with differing types. You might find cloisonné, jade, amber, or Bakelite.

These items move quickly and are replenished often.

There is more than one tall, branched display for necklaces that will take some time to go through. You might find beads of bone, wood, or gemstones. I know there are some jade hanging there, sterling silver and gold chain, pendants and pearls.

You might notice the wall display where the longer necklaces hang.

Wooden beads, jet beads, seed beads, and chain, silver belts, baubles, owls or butterflies, too.

The front display has many more items that sometimes get overlooked for the quantity. You will find a tray of bling rings, including recast vintage settings with gemstones. There are real ruby, diamond, pearl, jade and turquoise. The necklaces lay in rows side by side with jade and amber.

Mid-century costume rhinestone brooches are still fun to wear, as well as shoe clips, hat pins and tie tacks. If you need cuff links or studs, we have several.

My favorite items are the cameos. Real cameo made from shell and gold are never out of style. Delicately carved profiles of women from another era evoke nostalgia that is hard to deny.

Jewels and decorative items have been around as long as the human race itself. Sea shells and pretty stones were probably the first items to be shaped and carved to create an adornment piece. All cultures throughout history have adorned their bodies with gems, gold, silver, copper, wood, ivory, shell, bone, and stone.

Ancient Rome preferred seal rings, brooches, amulets and talismans that were infused with the designs of animals and coiling snakes. Most popular gemstones were sapphires, emeralds, pearls, amber, garnets, jet and diamonds.

In European Dark Ages, use of jewelry was not common, except among higher nobility and royalty.

The reign of Queen Victoria had a profound effect on fashion and jewelry tastes in Europe and the rest of the world.

The early 1900’s were remembered for the Art Noveau and Edwardian styles. The Roaring Twenties brought the rise of the Art Deco, which introduced jewelry of vibrant colors, geometric shapes, abstract designs, cubism, modernism and oriental art. It also popularized the wearing of wristwatches.

Because of World War II and widespread embargoes on gemstones, popular jewelry shifted to the more metal-based designs adorned with patriotic motifs and semi-precious and synthetic gemstones.

Whatever your favorite era or style we might have it.

For more than two decades, we have been the go-to place where special gifts have been purchased from those cases.

Come in and spend some time browsing.