Joyfull Living – October 2016

Who do you think you are? Not who do you think you should be or you were, or what others want you or expect you to be. From a very young age who you are is defined by your parents, your siblings and relatives, then expands through your relationships, what you do, your jobs, accomplishments, etc., all of which focuses on external “doings” and is mostly based on who you are to other people. Sometimes challenges, addictions, illness or a recovery can take over in defining who we are (which can sometimes create an attachment to the problem(s).

Of course, all these things are part of who you are but sooner or later, external things in your life that you rely on to define you will change. Relationships, jobs, titles, all have their time. The best relationships allow for growth: some will blossom, some will wither. Your physical appearance, your health, your parents, children, grandchildren or nieces, nephews, friends, lovers, jobs will all change with time. Do you know who you are now, beyond that? In your heart, what is your essence?

If we don’t take the time to nurture and discover who we are beyond the external conditions of life we can experience an identity crisis (sometimes called a mid-life crisis). It is so important to invest time for self-care and nurture our spiritual nature to connect to our authentic self so that we can embody all that we are body, mind and spirit.

Everything about the human experience shows us that we are designed for change. From baby to adult, summer to fall, it’s all around us. If you are born, you will die. That is a fact for all humans. We are always surprised when we are reminded of this inevitable ending. We live in denial and in fear of the inevitable and forget how precious living in the moment is.

Because resistance is not supportive of your true-self’s human experience, it causes pain and suffering. It alerts us to the danger that fear is in the driver seat. Fear will always urge you to resist change, even to put up with painful and unpleasant situations to avoid change. It may seem easier to just be the person others need you to be, or want you to be, because of the fear that you may not be loved and accepted for who you really are now. This can create a numbing ache in your soul.

At this time in our evolution we are feeling the urge to get real and embody our Truth. We hear more and more people coming out to the world about who they really are. Staying in resistance to our truth often causes depression and other health problems because it keeps us stuck and out of balance. It’s exhausting! It also disconnects us from our passion for creating the life that we were born to live.

Getting real is one of the requirements to experience a Joy-Full life.

Getting real and being authentic means honoring yourself heart and soul. It is a daily practice of meeting yourself unconditionally, without judgments, with compassion for your humanness. It is a profound act of self-love that takes courage. It is the most empowering thing you can do for yourself. When you give yourself permission to be your true self and embrace the gift of who you are here to be, you will experience the biggest sigh of relief and feel deep joy beyond anything you can imagine. It’s time for you to embrace how magnificent you are.


Are you ready to meet yourself in a whole new way to explore and discover who you came here to be? I have an amazing opportunity for you coming November 5-6. My “Get Real” weekend retreat offers you a safe, supportive experience to dive deep within yourself and reconnect to your super powers as a human being. During the 2-days together in Jacksonville you will receive support and impeccable care, eat healing foods, receive inspiration and tangible strategies and techniques to step into a more vibrant experience of yourself and your life. If you are ready to meet the real you and reconnected to your joy to create the life you were born to live, gift yourself this special time. Each participant will also receive access to my online course: Developing a Sustainable Daily Practice.

You don’t need to work harder but simply remember your strength and realign with your higher good. The world needs the gift of you.