News From Britt Hill – April 2016

For over 50 years, Britt has provided our orchestra members with host families that open their homes and hearts to music, and give our musicians who travel from all over the U.S. the true “Britt Experience.” Hosting musicians is a great way to build an intimate relationship with the orchestra and to touch the lives of our world-class musicians. It is also the only way that Britt can afford to bring three weeks of world-class orchestral music to our Jacksonville hillside. Some of the host families are Britt members or Britt Society volunteers, but many are just people who love music, musicians, and our valley.

Hosts Roger and Christine Moore had this to say about their involvement: “We moved to the Rogue Valley from Southern California nearly three years ago. We chose to move to this area in large part because of Britt Music and Arts Festival, which we had attended on visits before we made the move to the Rogue Valley. We have hosted a Britt Classical musician for the past two seasons and have committed to hosting him again this coming season. We have been delighted with this experience as it has enhanced our enjoyment of the Britt Classical musical performances and has made us feel more involved with the festival. We highly recommend becoming host families to anyone who might be considering doing so.”

This is unlike a student exchange program in that musicians are responsible for their own transportation and meals during their stay. Hosts simply provide a place to sleep, a space in the refrigerator and a place to practice. During the three weeks of concerts, hosts are invited to participate in private parties designated for the musicians and other host families. While the arrangements are for the first three weeks of August, the bonds of friendship forged during the Britt Orchestra season often lead to life-long friendships between hosts and musicians. The host family program is like a big extended family for the Britt Orchestra and each August is like a three-week family reunion.

South Stage Cellars is generously hosting an Open House on Tuesday, April 12 at 4:30pm. Please join us to learn more about this wonderful grassroots opportunity. If you’d like more information please email Britt’s Orchestra Manager Mark Knippel at