Celebrate a Victorian Christmas at Jacksonville’s Historic Beekman House

Experience a Victorian Christmas this 2017 holiday season at the historic Beekman House, located at 470 E. California Street in Jacksonville, Oregon. This 1873 residence, home to Jacksonville’s wealthiest pioneer family, is decorated for a […]

Holiday Wreath Making at Hanley Farm

Add a wonderful tradition to your Holiday activities by making your own wreath: Saturday November 25 at Hanley Farm (1053 Hanley Road between Central Point and Medford), from 11am to 3pm, free admission. Wreath materials […]

Carolers Wanted

One of Jacksonville’s time-honored traditions is the upcoming Victorian Christmas celebration, running from the parade on December 2nd to December 23rd.

During the festivities, locals and visitors in the historic downtown core are treated to the […]

Belles & Beaus Third Annual Victorian Ball

On Saturday, November 4, 2017, the Belles & Beaus Old West/Victorian Society will hold their Third Annual Ball in the US Hotel Ballroom in downtown Jacksonville. This year, the theme is “Dance Through the Decades.” […]

Victorian Mourning Customs at Jacksonville’s Historic Beekman House Museum

JACKSONVILLE, OR – The Victorians created elaborate rituals around the passing of a loved one. Death was considered part of life’s texture, giving it essential meaning. Join Historic Jacksonville at the 1873 Beekman House Museum […]

19th Century New-Fangled Inventions at Jacksonville’s Historic Beekman House Museum

JACKSONVILLE, OR—The 19th Century Industrial Revolution changed the Victorian World! New inventions impacted virtually every aspect of life—manufacturing, agriculture, transportation, communication, culture, society, and more. Technology transformed society—work, chores, fashion, relationships, leisure, sports, etc. Learn […]

Welcome: “Amphibious Fire Engine”!

August 17, 2017 – The Southern Oregon Historical Society is pleased to announce the donation of Ashland’s “Amphibious Fire Engine.” The engine acquired its unusual nickname during the 1948 Ashland flood. While preparing to pump […]

Music Festival is August 5 at the Farm – by Pam Sasseen

Focus on Hanley Farm – August 2017

On August 5, 2017, Hanley Farm presents, “Hanley Farm Music Festival,” a fundraiser for Hanley Farm! In addition to great toe-tapping music from five popular local entertainers, there will […]

Beekman Bank Tours

Step behind the counter of the oldest bank in the Pacific Northwest this summer when Historic Jacksonville opens the 1863 Beekman Bank for public tours from 11:00am to 4:00pm, Thursday through Monday, through Labor Day. […]

US Hotel Balcony Project is Complete!

UPDATE JULY 9, 2017: Locals and visitors agree that the new US Hotel Balcony is incredible! Just completed this weekend, the 3-month-long, $223,000 restoration project was done by Justin Caprari Restoration and includes an entirely […]