Community Center Construction Update – August 2017

The last month has brought both good news and bad news for the construction of the Jacksonville Community Center. Following the groundbreaking last month, an observer walking or driving by the Jacksonville Community Center—Cedars on 4th—probably did not expect the construction activity to begin at the top of the 130-foot cedar closest to Main. That tree had to be cut down due to disease, as diagnosed by the arborist’s review during the approvals process. As part of that process, JCC was required to alter the plans for the building’s foundation in order to reduce the likelihood of any negative impact on the roots of the remaining three cedars. We must hire a specialist who will use a special boring technique to construct a foundation on piers. The good news is that the trees are preserved. The bad news is the cost of the foundation has increased from $11,000 in our original budget to more than $99,000.

“We expected cost overruns and did budget for some but nothing as substantial as $88,000,” says Rick Pasche, the JCC President. “This additional cost is an expense that we now face. As much as the Board does not desire to go back to the well, we understand that in order to construct the community center, an additional $88,000 must be raised.” Patsche continues, “We have a three-pronged strategy to meet this new expense: 1) seek donations in the form of labor and materials from all of our vendors and subcontractors to reduce our cash expenses; 2) write additional grant proposals to local and regional foundations; and 3) ask our residents and businesses to donate.”

According to Patsche, the people who have volunteered to participate in the demolition, painting and landscaping will help us save money and make up $19,000 of the deficit. Sue Miler, the JCC grant writer, reports that she has been holding a foundation or two in her back pocket in the event something unforeseen like this occurred. “Grant proposals are always a lengthy process and never a guarantee but our case for needing the additional funds is pretty strong,” says Miler. Patsche has begun talking to vendors and one of the large vendors has already reduced its material prices to JCC by 10% which is expected to save an additional $5000.

JCC will be selling several pieces from the trunk of the felled cedar that can be finished and used for a table, a platform or other work of art. These can be purchased for $150.00 for the rounds and $200.00 for the square pieces and the proceeds will go toward reducing the deficit.

“As we have seen our community continues to support this wonderful project every step of the way. We have seen the dream turn into reality. There will be adjustments along the way. That is the nature of construction projects. There is no stopping us now as we keep moving forward,” says an optimistic Patsche.

To purchase a piece of felled cedar or to make a contribution please send your tax deductible donation to: Jacksonville Community Center, P.O. Box 1435, Jacksonville OR 97530.